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Friday the 13th - Reclaiming and Celebrating the Divine Feminine - Debra Trappen
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Friday the 13th – Reclaiming and Celebrating the Divine Feminine

Did you know that prior to patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day to honor Feminine Energy?

It was considered a day to honor the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation and death and rebirth! Personally, I am leaning in, reclaiming, and celebrating this day! Want to join me?


Here is a lovely Friday the 13th evening ritual I encourage you to create in your home…

1: Set the mood by finding a quiet, cozy place. Your bedroom would be ideal.

2: Brew yourself a cup or small pot of tea and use your favorite teacup.

3: Light a few candles. Use matches, if you have them, and pay attention to the sound of the strike.

4: Choose and apply essential oils to your wrists and neck or burn incense infused with herbs or plants traditionally associated with Venus, like rose, jasmine, or vanilla.

5: Grab your yoga mat or lay out a blanket, sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Identify any self-limiting or negative thoughts (I wasn’t good enough for the promotion or if I was thinner I’d be happier) and bid them farewell.

6: Pull out your journal and write down positive affirmations and divine declarations, like, “I am love” and “I am abundance.”

7: Grab a pad of sticky notes or a dry erase pen and add the affirmations to your bathroom mirror. Surrounding yourself with these words will help you attract the energy and abundance you seek by focusing on being love.

8: The next step is practicing self-love and self-care. Pull your hair back and soak into your nightly skincare routine. Slow down and really appreciate how good that warm washcloth feels and how delicious the moisturizer feels as you massage your face with it.

9: Repeat those affirmations on your mirror as you do this… looking deep in your eyes – smiling at your reflection. Let the words flow into, over, and through you.

10: Now, grab your coconut oil (or fave lotion) and give your whole body some extra love… add in some lavender oil and end by concentrating on your feet.

11: Head back to your yoga mat, sit tall, and breathe in and out – repeating your affirmations.

12: Crawl under the covers, pull out your journal, and add in any additional thoughts or affirmations that came to mind during your meditation moments.

13: Snuggle in and sleep well tonight!

Enjoy implementing this lovely new ritual and reclaiming the Divine Feminine, Lioness!