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#Hashtags. REQUIRED. - Debra Trappen
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#Hashtags. REQUIRED.

Mamas have been teaching their children this for year: “If you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all.”  It is still tried and true advice.

However, I am thinking today’s “social mama” advice might need to be:
“If you have something nice to say – you need to use a #hashtag to be heard!”IMG_0073

Why do I think this?  Well… let me ask you, have you heard this statement before?

“I never (or rarely) look at my ‘Home Stream’ anymore.  It’s too crowded and noisy.  I filter with lists or use those tag thingies.”

This is said in nearly every single conversation I have about Twitter and more and more about Instagram.

These social communities are so heavily based on hashtags.  

So, how do we find the conversations  that we want to be part of and the people with we want connect with now?  Well, we embrace #HASHTAGS.

Ways to think about hashtags:

1. They HIGHLIGHT the main point in a post. (aka your keywords)  If you are tweeting about going wine tasting… using #wine #winetasting will bring your tweet to the attention of others talking about those “keywords”.

2. They keep you focused on your values, passions, and mission.  Do a weekly or monthly audit of your posts.  If you go too long without using your core “words” as #hashtags – it is a red flag to re-engage with them and your purpose.

tagstagramIn addition to searching inside Instagram, I use an app called http://www.tagstagram.com for Instagram.  It helps find the most popular hashtags that will connect us with the other IG’ers who are interested in what we are posting.  The results have been OFF THE CHARTS.  I have seen an increase in engagement and not just LIKES.  People actually interacting and commenting on photos has increased 3x’s already!  Finding new people all over the world has increased.

I also shared the app with friends who have seen some amazing results… Isn’t helping one another connect  what it is all about?

katie - tagstagram quote

So, what’s next?

My new adventure is to find an app to make finding relevant Twitter connections/conversations easier.  Do you have one you use?  I would love your suggestions…  Together, let’s uncover new worlds, people, conversations that we want to be part of… and really embrace the power of these platforms.

Here is to #hashtagging together – with purpose!


    Posted at 11:22h, 21 June Reply

    Awesome site Deb! Love it.

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 11:38h, 21 June Reply

      Thank you for popping by and taking a peek around… It is such a BLAST having a site of my own… it grows and changes nearly every single day. Looking forward to seeing you in my #d11 stream here… Cheers!

  • Free Instagram Followers
    Posted at 10:33h, 01 March Reply

    Thanks for finally writing about >Hashtags. REQUIRED.

    – d11 consulting <Loved it!

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