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Live. Learn. Leave. - Affirmation 10 - Debra Trappen
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Live. Learn. Leave. – Affirmation 10


Are you ready to fire up your MOXIE?

Here we go… repeat after me:

I will learn from my past and leave behind what doesn’t serve me to focus on those things that inspire joy, peace, and prosperity.

Far too often I have conversations with friends and clients that are focused on THE PAST.

Someone did something TO THEM. They are stuck in a loop that keeps them small and fragile, hurt and helpless… they unintentionally choose to survive as victims.

It is time for all of us to free ourselves from emotional baggage.  Dwelling on the past prevents us from participating in the present, which is the only place in which we can experience love, happiness, fulfillment, and miracles. It is the only path to THRIVING… a beautiful experience beyond merely surviving.

Acknowledge the pain, speak it out loud, and then flip it upside down by writing out what you learned from the experience. Whenever those painful feelings bubble back up – that’s your trigger to revisit what you learned from it and celebrate how much you have grown.

Most importantly – embrace FORGIVENESS.

Forgive yourself for the decisions you made that led to those experiences.

Forgive the person who wronged you… release your anger and feel the power they had over you lift off and float away.  You don’t have to respect or trust that person ever again, but in order for you to move forward – you must embrace forgiveness.

Are you ready to start focusing on those things that inspire joy, peace, and prosperity now?

Me, too!  







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