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My 20 in 2020 - Debra Trappen
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My 20 in 2020

Here are the top 20 books, podcasts, and blogs that kept me company and stoked the fire within my soul this year. These were my favorite companions on the thousands of miles I walked and rode while seeking sacred moments to keep me sane.

You can read more about each one by clicking the images. I will continue to add in thoughts about each book… as I review my notes!

If you have read any of these, I would love to hear what you loved about them… if you choose to read any of these this year – I look forward to chatting with you along the way.


1: The Book of Longings * Sue Monk Kidd

This book was beautifully narrated by Mozhan Marnò. She added the perfect voice to this amazing, fictional character!



2: Burning Woman by Lucy Pearce

This book FIRED ME UP!

Uncompromising and all-encompassing, Lucy uncovers the archetype of the Burning Women of days gone by—Joan of Arc and the witch trials, through to the way women are burned today in cyberbullying, acid attacks, shaming, and burnout, fearlessly examining the roots of Feminine power—what it is, how it has been controlled, and why it needs to be unleashed on the world during our modern Burning Times.


3: I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness * Austin Channing Brown

I was introduced to this book during her interview on the Free Cookies podcast – #15 on this list!  Then I read this praise from one of my fave moxielicious gals, Jen Hatmaker. (She wrote # 13.)

“Austin is one of my most important teachers. I’m Still Here is devastating, beautiful, and haunting and it leaves no room for a tepid reaction. Her crystal clear voice will move you, push you, and break your heart. Prophetic and tender, I plan to put this book in every pair of hands I know and join her in the dismantling of white supremacy. She’s still here and I’m with her.”

Grab a cozy spot and get ready to get uncomfortable. Austin shares her personal stories and took me on a journey through the racial divide in a way I’ve never experienced. I am so thankful she wrote this book and look forward to hearing more from her.


4: Circe * Madeline Miller

Go on a magical journey to the mythological island… home to the goddess-sorceress Circe. She is such a magnificent character who truly took my breath away!




5: Mary Magdalene Revealed * Meggan Watterson

Meggan is a feminist theologian, so get ready to expand your mind, unlearn the past, and unleash your divine future! I am going to interview her one day.




6: The Likeability Trap * Alicia Menendez


7: The Dance of the Dissident Daughter * Sue Monk Kidd

Sue is a mentor I hope to meet and interview one day… She shares her journey in such a vulnerable and authentic way… it felt like she was walking next to me – teaching me, guiding me, pushing me, and hugging me along the way.



8: The Woman’s Hour * Elaine Weiss

It took more than seventy years for (white) women to obtain the right to vote, and far fewer people know that it came down to the six-week battle in one state, Tennessee. In the book, Elaine shows how all the core elements of American history—ethnicity, class, money, gender, states’ rights, and power itself—play their roles in the events of August 1920. The campaign for woman suffrage was not only a political movement, though the goal and methods were political. It was also a long-term effort to alter societal norms and cultural customs concerning women’s roles.



9: UNTAMED * Glennon Doyle

Short, sassy chapters filled with so much truth. I hosted three book club discussions on this book and its impact was deep with each woman. Another author on my interview list!


10: Becoming * Michelle Obama


11: Inspired * Rachel Held Evans

12: Braiding Sweetgrass * Robin Kimmerer

13: Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire * Jen Hatmaker


14: Moxie Chats + Spill the Tea Episodes

Listen in to over 50 conversations on the podcast this year.
Want to join me live for these chats? I host them LIVE over on my Facebook Page!

15: Free Cookies Podcast * Kate Fagan + Kathryn Budig

These women introduced me to some of the amazing authors on this list through their thoughtful, laughter-filled conversations with amazing guests. I always look forward to new episodes!


16: Shit We Don’t Talk About Podcast * Mia Voss

Mia is one of my dearest Lioness Sisters and is a badass, mouthy activist who stepped into her POWER in 2020… Her conversations inspire me to think deeper about incredibly important topics. I am sure you will hear me quoting her and her guests this year and beyond!
Catch up on past episodes and subscribe for more here:

17: Unlocking Us * Brené Brown

18: Spiritual Practices Blog Series by Jacci Turner

Reading her words was like sitting alongside a spiritual guide…one lovingly holding my hand while I questioned and unlearned so many things. I am forever grateful.
Start with the first one in the series here.

19: Cassandra Speaks – When Women Are The Storytellers, The Human Story Changes * Elizabeth Lesser

This was my final listen of the year and a book that will be a companion throughout the years to come! It stretched me and infuriated me. I cried and laughed and was beyond inspired by its pages. THIS LIST was inspired by Elizabeth… and I am forever grateful for the introduction to her via Brené Brown’s podcast listed above.

20: The Intentional Business * Molly McKinley

I’ve been honored to be on her writing journey this year and am so excited for all of you to experience this book in 2021.

I am building my list for 2021…

What were some of your favorites this year that you recommend?

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