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Sprinkle Truth - Debra Trappen
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Sprinkle Truth

if-you-see-something-beautiful-in-someone-speak-itAaahhhh… this is such an excellent reminder!

It is easy to get too focused on what we need to change, what is wrong or needs work.  As change-makers, we are compelled to see it and help move things forward.  That is a blessing that requires mindfulness.

We can’t forget that it is equally important for us to look up and out to find the elegant beauty in our lives.


Please take some time today to find something brilliant and beautiful in your family, friend, workplace… in YOURSELF and say it out loud.

Need some help?  Start here:

Tell your Mom how much you appreciate her for _____________.

Tell your team how much you appreciate how they ____________.

Tell your bestie how much you appreciate her when she ________.

Tell yourself how amazing you are when you _________________.


We each have a responsibility, as powerful change-makers, to also pour light into our world.


Have fun sprinkling and speaking truths over your loved ones and in your community!