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Speak Your Truth Now - A Virtual Conference and Fundraiser - Debra Trappen
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Speak Your Truth Now – A Virtual Conference and Fundraiser

Dear Fire Up Community,

I would love to invite you an exciting Fire Up! Virtual Conference and Fundraiser on 12/2 called Speak Your Truth Now.  

The backstory:

This conference/fundraiser is inspired by YOU – my online and local communities – having fierce, passionate conversations about ways to build up our own confidence to step into and share our own truths, as well as lead and guide the next generation to do the same.

This event is my way of providing a platform for people to collaborate, share their stories, and inspire others to confidently speak their own truths, as well as take action in these changing times to create the ripples of change we all seek!

Together, we will talk through these questions:

1. What does speaking your truth mean to you?
2. What holds/held you back from speaking your truth?
3. What happened when you told your truth?

speak-your-truth-now-socialI will be chatting with the Conversation Igniters, including these amazing influencers in the real estate and digital marketing spaces:

Rebekah Radice (rebekahradice.com)
Katie Lance (Katie Lance Consulting)
Stacie Staub (Live Urban – Denver)
Vanessa Bergmark (Red Oak Realty)
Deena Zimmerman (SVN Chicago Commercial)
Wendy Forsythe (Carrington Real Estate)
J Philip Faranda (J Philip Faranda Real Estate)
Anne Jones (Windermere)
Tara-Nicholle Nelson(Transformational Consumer Insights)
Jay Thompson (Zillow Group)
Chris Smith (Curaytor)

Each session and speaker will accomplish this by:

~ sharing stories that represent their experiences

~ giving strong calls to action on how you recognize and share your own truths and stories

~ showing, by example, how the confidence to step into their truth and speak UP changed lives (including their own)

~ sparking conversations between you, your loved ones, and your community about the things that mean the most to you

Speak Your Truth Now is a conference designed to help you boldly declare who you are; step up, define, and protect your boundaries; and confidently speak your truth.

I look forward to having you join the virtual conversations to share YOUR best practices and ask these speakers questions along the way!




Proceeds will be donated to Faith House of Acadiana, a domestic violence crisis center and shelter.

If you are not available to attend on 12/2, no worries!
Everyone who purchases a virtual event pass will also get access to all of the recorded sessions.