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Three Keys To Achieving Your Goals and Intentions - Debra Trappen
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Three Keys To Achieving Your Goals and Intentions

The topic of putting together “New Year’s Resolutions” is everywhere right now.  The concept of a positive mindset reset across the globe is always exciting and encouraging… however, setting your goals and intentions only once a year can be detrimental to actually ACHIEVING them.  Instead of an epic post on how to set your goals, I thought this year I would share three simple keys to writing reachable, achievable goals and intentions on your VISION LIST.  When you sit down for your signature life session and design your goal list, keep these in mind…

1. Attainable goals are delightfully SIMPLE.  

So many of us work to write multiple or elaborate goals like traveling across Europe for 6 months, starting a business, or writing a book.  ONE of these things is a fabulous achievement, but when you put them all together they can be overwhelming.  Remember, each “goal” has many tasks and actions associated with it.  When you keep your BIG goals simple, clear, and focused… you can break them down throughout the year and accomplish more than ever!

2. Reachable goals are WRITTEN and VISUAL.  Small-Steps-Bubble

Most of us recognize that accomplishing what you want starts with writing your big goals down so you can visualize them.  The act of writing a goal down vastly increases positive results. Want a tip to fire it up?  Successful people write out small steps towards achieving their BIG goals – every single morning. This is a brilliant reminder of the personal priorities and professional objectives you are seeking.

Take it to 11 by creating a visual representation of your list… (read more on creating a vision board here).

I create a Pinterest “ Vision Board” with photos to represent what I want to achieve.  It includes places I desire to speak, cities I want to travel to or a quote that represents the feeling I want to embrace in the months ahead. Once you have your list together, keep it posted where you can see and read it every day.  Mark your calendar to pin a new picture to your Vision Board every month.  

3. Achievable goals are GUIDED BY YOUR VALUES. 

One of the most consistent reasons my clients failed to achieve their past goals was that they have a conflict between their behavior and their values.  For instance, if you value freedom, starting your own business may be calling you… however, you may have issues if you value financial security.  This does not mean you can’t start your own business, but it does mean how you design your plan must include a layer of financial security as you build out your dream business.  

When your values and your goals are in alignment – there is no limit to what you can achieve.  You are truly unstoppable.  If you have not defined or reviewed your values, click here for a free core values exercise to get you started!

When you set simple, visually represented goals that are consistent with your values you take your success rate to an 11!

Below is my “Signature Life Intentions” vision sheet.  It isn’t your typical “resolutions” list, but I adore the format.  I print it out, post it in the d11 den and it guides my daily list creation!  If you decide to use it – let me know in the comments below and/or share your success on social media using the #FireMeUp11 hashtag.

My-Sparkly-Signature-Life-Intentions-2015-d11consulting(Click the pic above for a .pdf you can print…)

Here is to a magical “Signature Life Defining Session” in your future!


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