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#Enterpriser Highlight: Brian Bolier - Sincere * Energetic * Driven - Debra Trappen
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#Enterpriser Highlight: Brian Bolier – Sincere * Energetic * Driven


Okay, here we go… The first “ENTERPRISER” post is here!

#Enterpriser is a new blog series created to highlight the fun, quirky, REAL stories of:

“Captains of Industry” who are inspiring, navigating, and embracing change in their world!


Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Brian Bolier.  

I met Brian at the Coldwell Banker Burnet “President’s Club Retreat” last October… and we have stayed connected on social media ever since.  His energy, passion for excellence, adventure, and all-around goodness are magnetic, so without further ado – here is Brian!


Click his photo to read
Brian’s Bio and Biz Philosophy!

WHO are you?
Serial Entrepreneur, Senior Vice President, Risk Taker, Biz Wizard, Adventure Capitalist, Future King

What are you passionately working on right now?
World domination and a few other fun projects. I find each day to be a completely new adventure. I try to stir up the status quo and surprise those around me. I would like to say at the end of the day that I was able to mix up the real estate industry, ask the questions that may not be asked, think about the industry from an insider’s outside vantage point and make a mark of difference to it.

What is the #1 VALUE you seek in the people you have in your life? 
Feeling of self-worth. Desire to be great. (Laziness is gross. Whining not allowed.) 
I did two. Why? Because I can. :)

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Chop, chop (I have been told I am not patient)
We all need to look in the mirror before pointing fingers, we are all messed up.
Right on

What was your favorite job… and what did you learn from it?
I live my favorite job. Since my childhood I have found work to be fulfilling and loved it. From my first position at 13 through today, I have loved every job for a different reason. I need the challenge and opportunity for growth and success, and as long as those components with tons of fun are in my day, I am full. My current “job” has all of those components and I skip into work each and every day.

What is your most treasured possession? Why?
I have been told that my children are not a possession, so I will not go there (although they are extremely adorable, amazing, strange and perfectish).

My most treasured possession is a large envelope filled with notes and cards that I have received over the years. It has some of the most wonderful things I have ever heard from positive sentiments to direct feedback. I go to this envelope of goodies when I need a pick-me-up.

Who are 5 of the people on your “Dream Dinner Party” invitation list?
Motivational: Anthony Robbins
Professional: Warren Buffet
Musical: Morrissey (the smiths)
Historical: Walt Disney
Because: My Grandfather
I would totally sneak in a sixth and that would obviously be Steve Jobs

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
Prior to a Business Meeting I put on recently two of my agents did a mock of me leading the meeting. It was filled with a lot of blah, blah, blah. I love making fun of people and being made fun of! Shows true love.

Why have you embraced social media?
It has improved business, relationships, expanded knowledge of world events, given networking opportunities and tightened connections with those far away from us, from everyone to a relative’s child we rarely see to the royal baby. Also, technology is such an invaluable part of our current life cycle. There isn’t a life it hasn’t touched. To participate in relationships via technology is to include one’s self in the human experience. Simply put, it is an amazing tool. To communicate. To share. To learn. To expand your mind. With everything in life there are drawbacks and limitations, and social media is no exception. But, the opportunity to see a larger world’s perspective is fascinating and wonderful. The people you meet who can enhance your life are mind-blowing. There also is no better way to see weird up close and personal. I. Love. Weird.

What advice would you give to other leaders who are still not participating?
I hate to give out advice to leaders, because we all have our own perspective worthy of listening to, but I would be interested why not? If properly used, the social sphere has such great opportunities for good. The good certainly outweighs the risks in my opinion. The ability for a leader to touch large groups of people as well as one on one efficient communication is what social media allows us to do. I have a simple philosophy about privacy. I control what I post. If others don’t like what I post, then most likely they need not be in my social sphere. You might be late, but you’re still welcome. Get out there!

What is your favorite blog or book you recommend to everyone who asks? Why?
Good to Great. I love the study around taking something from being just ok to being amazing. Life in all areas should be about getting better and about achieving greatness. This book fascinates me about how a group of companies did just that.

Who are your favorites to follow on social media? Why?
Debra Trappen, of course. Why? #duh
Travis Robertson. Why? Skinny Jeans. What other man could pull off that look? Always good fresh “stuff.” Great perspective on the business. Super human being with a heart of wonderfulness. A mixture of young, old, tech savvy, antiquated, misspelling, grammar police-ing, smart, creative, thoughtful people. Everyone is a leader in their own way. There’s a lesson to be learned from everybody.

What is your GO TO song to get you in your CRUSH IT groove?
Eminem – 8 Mile

Want to get to know Brian even more?
Connect with him here:


This series is for you, my dearest reader, so here are two questions to help me make this the BEST it can be:
What questions did I forget to ask?
What questions could I leave out next time?



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