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Flipped It Video Summit! - Debra Trappen
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Flipped It Video Summit!


pssst… Have you ever considered doing the exact opposite of what you are doing in your business right now?  Maybe with your whole business, or just a “broken” part?

If each of us thought about doing the opposite of what we’ve been doing, I believe it would provide a fresh look at things and provoke ideas we’ve never considered!  Seriously, this could potentially give the perspective that strikes a game-changing nerve…   

The CRAVE Company invited 17 entrepreneurs to the FLIPPED IT! VIDEO SUMMIT to share their real stories of successful reinvention… and explore this very idea with other entrepreneurs!

CRAVE created an all-star list of female entrepreneurs that represent a variety of businesses, but hold a single impact: they all have inspiring stories.  SUMMIT speakers include a serial entrepreneur, a triple threat, a world traveler, a high fashion nail polish creator, a publishing guru, a public relations master, me (yes, yours truly is in the mix!!), and so many more… 

CRAVE is known for curating chic and savvy female owned businesses around the world and when searching for female entrepreneurs that FLIPPED their business mottos, brands, lifestyles, careers and passions they picked only the most inspiring, sought after women.  I am honored to have been chosen and would ADORE it if you would join me at the FLIPPED IT! VIDEO SUMMIT to hear these stories together!  This event is sure to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing and get you moving towards career satisfaction and a life infused with happiness and passion. 

Wondering just who’s featured in this VIDEO SUMMIT and what they’re going to be sharing with you?

  • Betsy Talbot – Married With Luggage SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Betsy took to self-publish her expertise and monetize it.
  • Danielle Laporte – daniellelaporte.com SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Danielle took to create a 7-figure business from nothing.
  • Debra Trappen (yes, me!!) – d11 Consulting SUMMIT Highlight: I will be sharing the steps I took to turn my corporate connections into paying clients…
  • Jenn Sprinkle – Jenn Sprinkle Creative SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Jenn took to raise the capital she needed via Kickstarter.
  • Jessica Park – JPark EventsSUMMIT Highlight: The steps Jessica took to turn her 17 year career into a thriving business in another industry
  • Kathy Caprino – Ellia Communications SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Kathy took to commission a yearlong study and how she used that information to help grow her business.
  • Kylie Pengelly – Productive Resourcing SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Kylie took to create a mobile business and lifestyle.
  • Lori Stone – The Joy Guide – SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Lori took to turn her lucrative, but boring corporate job into a business that allows her to be creative and travel the world
  • Marie Teather – Worldette SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Marie took to turn a vague concept into a thriving business.
  • Natalie MacNeil – She Takes On The World Inc. SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Natalie took to turn her blog into a business (and how she got angel investor funding).
  • Nathalie Molina Niño – Nathalie Molina Nino LLC SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Nathalie took to walk away from the life that was killing her and dive into a completely new and unrelated venture.
  • Sasha Muir – butter LONDON SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Sasha took to build partnerships with major brands and internationally distribute your product.
  • Sloan Lauinger – Sloan Public Relations SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Sloan took to transition from Wealth Advisor to Publicist with no prior knowledge of the industry.
  • Tory Johnson – Women For Hire SUMMIT Highlight: The steps Tory took to convert her events (and her business model) from a live experience to a virtual experience and still kept it effective.

Here is the schedule:

Monday, June 17th @ 10:00am (PDT) – Danielle LaPorte
Monday, June 17th @ 2:00pm (PDT) – Betsy Talbot
Tuesday, June 18th @ 10:00am (PDT) – Kathy Caprino
Tuesday, June 18th @ 2:00pm (PDT) – Nathalie Molina Nino
Wednesday, June 19th @ 10:00am (PDT) – Jenn Sprinkle
Wednesday, June 19th @ 2:00pm (PDT) – Debra Trappen
Thursday, June 20th @ 10:00am (PDT) – Marie Teather
Thursday, June 20th @ 2:00pm (PDT) – Kylie Pengelly
Friday, June 21st @ 10:00am (PDT) – Sasha Muir

Follow along on Twitter: #FlippedIt

I’ll “see” you there!

Debra Trappen Signature




P.S. Please invite your friends, family members and colleagues to join you for this exciting event. They will thank you… I promise!





  • Sean Carpenter
    Posted at 07:48h, 16 June Reply

    Debra – Congrats on being selected for this awesome event. I am sure you will bring the swagger needed to get people to sit up in their chairs and say “Damn, who is this sassy redhead from Seattle? I’m digging her energy.”

    Keep up the great work. See you in a few weeks in SFO

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 17:32h, 16 June Reply

      Thank you for your amazing support… and for always sharing your best with the world as well! Looking forward to seeing you in SFO too… :)

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