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vLog - Elevating Facebook Engagement - Debra Trappen
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vLog – Elevating Facebook Engagement

Are you struggling with creating engagement on your social media channels?  

Today’s topic is about elevating your engagement on Facebook… by intentionally using Likes, Comments and Shares!

What do I mean? Well, let me share a little story…

(For those of you who prefer to read over watching the video… here you go!)

Imagine you are out on a walk and you take a gorgeous photo of the sunset.  Now, we all LOVE to share photos on Facebook, so you probably run it through a filter or two and then pop it on your timeline. And then you wait… you wait to see WHAT is going to happen.  What happens when that like… that VERY FIRST LIKE appears?  It makes you FEEL good.  

Now, take it to the next level of “the comment”!  When you are notified that a friend has made a comment like: Wow, what a gorgeous sunset!  Those 25 characters that took your friend 5 seconds to type really really take your level of excitement and feeling about the engagement to ANOTHER LEVEL.  

Then… HOLD EVERYTHING. Imagine that feeling that YOU get when somebody actually SHARES your photo (or page, or link) out with their world… on THEIR timeline.  That is a whole ‘notha level!

My point?  I want you to flip this concept… If you know how this makes YOU feel… then pass it on.  Think about how YOU can engage more intently and more specifically with your friends on Facebook. 

Instead of speeding through the Facebook stream in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and actually ENGAGE with your friends. Instead of just leaving a like – don’t forget to add in a comment (where appropriate), or SHARE when it makes sense!  Truly delight them and elevate their experience with you on Facebook – at the same time!

I hope these tips, tricks and truths about utilizing Facebook on a totally different level and elevating your engagement there were helpful… I look forward to seeing you next time.  Until then, take care.  

Sassy Summary:  “Building meaningful engagement by nurturing and delighting relationships = SMILES in your stream!” 



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