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vLog #1 Let's Talk WHY! - Debra Trappen
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vLog #1 Let's Talk WHY!

Here it is… My very first VIDEO Blog Post!  
Join me as I share thoughts on the “why” conversation, reveal mine, and give you some tip/tricks/truths to help you on your own journey to uncovering yours!

For those of you who prefer to read over watching…

d11 Sassy Transcription:

Hi!  I’m Debra Trappen, with d11 consulting… and I’m coming to you from my cozy d11 den in my very first video blog post!

So I decided to tackle a little bit of the “WHY” discussion today in this blog post.  Specifically sharing a little of my “WHY” and encouraging you to start down the journey of defining yours.  Let’s start with a question: 

Why did you start your own business or why do you desire to start your own business?

Usually the “whys” we think of   

  • Freedom
  • The ability to stay home with kids if we desire
  • To go on vacation when we want…
  • To do business with who you want to do biz with…

Now theses are all great reasons to start a business, but when you dig down deep they are likely not the reason WHY you want to start the business. 

As entrepreneurs we devote oodles of time to making our businesses successful with focusing on “HOW” we do business…. and forget to stop and define the WHY.

Why is the ‘why‘ important? 

Well, I believe it’s because it is what ignites the passion, the soul and the purpose in your heart and business.  It is what FIRES YOU UP!

In my experience the happiest and most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are in business for a reason larger than themselves. Running it from their WHY!

They are driven, not by fear, scarcity, or need, but by abundance, passion and desire… 

Almost 11 years ago, I met my first life coach and did my first “values exercise”… that was the start of my personal journey of defining my WHY.

When I did all the work… and finally ripped the bandaid off, I realized that my WHY was directly related to what fired me UP!  And that was when somebody is sharing with me what they are doing – I am COMPELLED to help them take it to another level. Seriously, I can’t help myself.  

So let me give you an example.

When somebody comes up to me and says… “I’m thinking about planning an event, what do you think?” My mind starts reeling with things like “What could their social  strategy be and what community influencers can I get them connected to to amplify that message?  How can I help boost their registration or RSVPs through certain fun tactics?  The details of taking it to another level… or taking it to an 11 as I like to say… are the things I am COMPELLED to do!

So when I looked at that, I started making sure that I was infusing that in my life.  For a decade, in my business life, I was doing that for a corporation… recruiting, training and inspiring an entire sales force.

Today, I’m able to pour into my own d11 clients who are  excited and fired up to deliver extremely fabulous experiences to their customers and engage with them in more meaningful and authentic ways on Social Media!

Now, most people think the reason WHY I started d11 consulting was because I love social media and I like to help people understand how to do that… Well I DO LOVE social media, but it is not the WHY behind the business or what makes me jump out of bed in the morning… 

That’s my ability to embrace  that I CAN NOT WAIT TO FIND OUT who I am going to meet today, whether it’s in person or online, who I can help get what they are doing to an entirely different level . 

Once you reach that place… it makes even the most uncomfortably situations and most difficult day BEARABLE… and THAT is priceless.

So, now my question to you is: what is your why… do you know

If not, it’s OKAY… Shame off you!  Let’s get you going with some questions: 

  • What does success mean to you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Is my passion represented in my company culture, mission and vision?
  • In what way is my business an extension of my passion?
  • What are some small steps I can take to begin to make that difference?

 Start here.. Start with these questions.

My wish for you today?  That after listening you are awakened and inspired to start the path of defining your WHY… Get CLEAR with it… and be able to get up tomorrow morning and take one step toward that goal of living your purpose and infusing the WHY in your business and your life!

Thank you so much for sharing time with me… I look forward to “seeing” again soon.  Until then, take care!

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