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#ICSF 2018... The Past. The Present. The Future. - Debra Trappen
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#ICSF 2018… The Past. The Present. The Future.

This was the last Inman Connect in San Francisco. This is bittersweet for me. I won’t miss the sadness sweeping through the city streets, but I will miss the lobby and many nooks where ooooooodles of memories have been made the last several years.

Before I go on, a little history… My first Inman Connect was in San Francisco in 2011. My journey with Inman has been glorious and perfectly vexatious all at the same time.

For instance, I was one of the original ambassadors for Inman Connect. My dear friend, and fellow power woman, Katie Lance, asked me to participate in the pilot program and it sounded amazing.  After attending session after session packed with men – I left feeling totally underrepresented and confused. Wasn’t this an industry comprised of 55-60% females?

THEN, in 2013, I remember sitting in the front row as an ICNY Ambassador and being beyond irritated that almost every speaker (again) was a white male in a conservative suit sharing vanilla opinions. Even the New Kids On The Block was a lineup up of dudes. I thought – really? THIS is the event of all events? At this point, I was running d11 and my opinions were no longer filtered by my corporate gig. So, I spoke up (debratrappen.com/women-leadership-nkotb) along with many of my fellow RE framily.

Fast forward to this year. 

The speaker line up was divine, diverse, and dazzling! It was so wonderful to see so many new faces that beautifully and equally represented the Inman Community and real estate industry at large.  Women were woven into nearly every session and dominated the solo session I experienced. Brad Inman listened, asked questions, and acted. He still recalled the “NKOTB” conversation we had way back when… and that makes me proud.  Proud of myself for speaking up, proud of him for listening, and proud to know him.

This year’s talks filled my soultank.

Actually, my soultank was overflowing all week long. I cried more this year than the previous 15+ events attended – combined. There were not many dry eyes during a few of the talks. I didn’t realize how much I/the industry needed to see THIS side of the human experience embraced at Connect. It was magical and unforgettable.

Here are some of my favorite highlights…

July 17: Tuesday

The #PWe3 + #WomanUP Networking MeetUP was a screaming success. 150+ women and men from all over the globe came together to connect and meet each other in person over a sip and some delish nibbles at Jones. I LOVE this location and the weather was absolutely perfect this particular evening.

Before heading to a dinner with the C.A.R. and Women’s Council of REALTORS® Leadership to celebrate the success of the WomanUP!® event and movement – we popped into the Referral Exchange – Contactually – Giveback Homes soiree for quick hellos and a glass of chilled Rosé on the patio!

This was the perfect kick-off to the week.

July 18: Wednesday

Brad Inman: His opening talk was vulnerable and truly touched my heart.  He shared stories of love and loss… and the saying that he opened and closed with was so beautiful: This is heaven. Right now. Not tomorrow.

Chelsea Peitz When you share your life as your story – you create content that touches the heads and hearts of your ideal audience.

July 19: Thursday

SoulPancake’s CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi, was singing my favorite song back to me… Humanity was honored in such a beautiful way through her videos (we all have beautiful bodies!) and the company’s story of perseverance and tenacity she shared. The overall messages – know who you are, define your voice, and be open to JOY. Amen, sister. AMEN!

Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s cry to become the outbreak monkeys of positivity and embrace a spiritual {startup-style} contrarian attitude made me laugh and lean in.

The conversations between CEO’s were feisty this year! The one between eXp, PurpleBrick, and Trelora was a stand out for me. It was interesting and impressive seeing Glenn Sanford take on The Voice of tech merging with traditional in such a passionate, respectful, grace-filled manner.

To sum it up:
People matter.
Relationships matter.
Customer Experiences matter.
Tech supports what matters.

The afternoon marketing sessions were packed with so many of my favorite power women.  They were singing my song in a perfect key. Highlights of the chat between Molly McKinley, Katie Lance, and Katie Clancy!

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Be you.
Be consistent.
Say no more.
Fail forward and fast!

Stacie Staub, CEO/Founder of West + Main had the room in stitches!
“If you don’t want to pet it or lick it, you’re probably won’t like working here.”  Referring to her marketing and the relationship agents have with it…

Friday, July 20:

Finally, the addition of Capital Connect was a hit! Hearing all of the new financing options, as well as what VC’s are looking for in RE investments, was fascinating. It’s time to pay attention to AI and VR like never before.

Adena Hefets of @divvyhomes was a breath of fresh air. Her articulate, brilliant responses and vision casting captivated the audience – including me.

Kara Swisher’s truth-telling, super snarky style was the perfect way to open Friday’s session… and Audie was the perfect moderator for this chat. She advised us not to discount what’s happening with AI and VR… it was a recurring “heads up” all week!

I enjoyed this “the things we tell ourselves” quote.
“Here is what I’m seeing – “agents don’t offer value” is a false narrative out there.”
– Justin Wilson with @SoftBank

We {specifically agents} need to stop telling {y}ourselves this negative narrative is the truth.

Experienced agents interested in creating a customer experience add tremendous value!

Last, but certainly not least…

The recognition of Sara, Leslie, and the #WomanUP initiative that is part of my heart and soul was the cherry on top of a perfect week… The fact that they were awarded the Nate Ellis Innovator Award brought streams of tears.  I know Nate was smiling down on this moment!

I’m looking forward to seeing what #ICLV will hold…


Want more?

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  • Bradley Inman
    Posted at 16:01h, 25 July Reply

    You are “it”, the “it: of what makes this industry better, always. Love your way, forever.

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