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Want a simpler life? Start here. - Debra Trappen
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Want a simpler life? Start here.

Today’s #MoxieMemo is all about the divine freedom that comes from knowing and loving who you are…

ALL of you.

Your brilliance and your crazy, your curves or lack of them, your passion and your apathy, your “viper” drive and your lazy seasons, your wins and your lessons, your laughter and your tears…

Your imperfections are beautiful.


All of you is real.

You’re the only YOU this wild world has.

Please, get to know yourself.

Embrace yourself.
Shake off the shame and give yourself grace.
Love yourself with every breath you take.

I was searching for a photo to represent my breathing ritual… these five puppies stole my heart!

My morning ritual involves breathing in for a count of 5, holding for 5, exhaling for 5, waiting for 5.

This clears my mind and prepares me for my meditation and Scripture time.

Conscious breathing is a gift we can all give ourselves.

Go ahead.

Give it a try.


Remember, my darlings:

The more she got to know herself and LOVE herself, the simpler life became.


Smooch! ?

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