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Leadership Retreats - Debra Trappen
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Fire Up! Leadership Retreat 

Are you planning a leadership retreat?


Take a look at our Fire Up! Leadership Program that includes keynote talks, mastermind-style workshops, and consulting.  These elements inspire and guide organizations through the process of implementing conscious leadership practices to create a magnetic, values-based culture led by strong individuals who know who they are and what they want and have a definition of success that ignites and motivates them!


Your leadership team will be guided through the following process:



1. Personal Development: Creating A Life You Want To Live Out Loud

Debra will guide you to…

    • Define what guides you.
    • Discover what ignites you.
    • Declare what calls you.
    • Design your life commitments.
    • Develop habits that support you.
    • Dominate your self-talk.
    • Deliver your magnetic message
    • Decide to live in gratitude



2. Culture By Design: Creating A Magnetic Organization By Leading Others Into THEIR Greatness!

Debra will put together a custom session that includes the topics you are most interested in:

    • Crushing the false, internal stories.
    • Leveraging, noticing, and conquering feelings
    • Sticky Conversations
    • Coaching How vs. Guiding Thru vs. Doing The Work
    • Formulating Value-Packed Feedback
    • Conflict: Recognition Thru Resolution
    • Creating a Gratitude-Centered Experience

Debra has planned, hosted, promoted, and inspired audiences at hundreds of virtual events on several platforms including Zoom, FB Live, WebinarJam, WebEx, BeLive.TV, and VirBELA.  If you are looking for someone who will help you take your virtual event to the next level and ignite your audience – Debra is your answer.

Customize with additional topics:


1. Simple Storytelling Strategies

Sharing your story and your company’s story online to build relationships.  Ultimately this helps to recruit and retain key employees and influencers.


2. Elevating Your Networking Skills & Strategy

Leveraging your Core Four and Top Biz Goals to elevate your networking skills and success


Once leadership has gone through this process, the next step is to sign your sales team up for their very own Fire Up! Workshop Retreat to help them put together a personal and business success plan!

Debra WCR in DC 2017 - Networking Workshop