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You Are Unstoppable - Affirmation 19 - Debra Trappen
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You Are Unstoppable – Affirmation 19

First things first, did you read the affirmation above? Did you repeat it?

Excellent. :)


Being unstoppable means being a person others are unable to stop from doing what they are meant to do!

Read these sassy synonyms… do any of them sound like YOU?


Did you stand a little taller as you read those words?

Were you shouting out a passionate YES!

Lioness – those words are describing you.

YOU are unstoppable.

Right now.  This very moment.


Focus on your goal.

Trust Yourself.

Be Courageous.

Believe you are worthy!


Two questions to ask yourself this week:

1 – Are you investing in yourself?

2 – Do you have solid, intentional champions in your life who carry you when you need it, kick you in the tooshie when you require it and allow you to speak into them, as well?


If you answered yes to both, celebrate your successes.

Your next step? Go out and inspire someone to do the same.


If you answered no to either one, shake the shame right off and make a change today.

Approach a new mentor.

Sign up for a workshop.

Start a book club or Bible study.

Call and encourage someone.





Because YOU are unstoppable and worthy of the life you so deeply desire to live out loud, on purpose, and on your own terms!




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