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Your Dreams Are Worthy - Affirmation 20 - Debra Trappen
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Your Dreams Are Worthy – Affirmation 20

Happy #Moxielicious Monday!
I deeply believe today’s affirmation is divinely timed. Want to know why?

Let me ask you this and it may help you feel what I am feeling…

Lioness, when was the last time you wrote down the DREAMS you have envisioned for your life?

Not your goals… your DREAMS? Those unspoken visions in your heart and soul?
What’s the difference, you ask?
To me, it is simple – our goals are something we are acting on and our dreams are something we are thinking about – our “someday”.
These might be things that even scare us a little bit.
Dreaming about our future ensures a high level of excitement in what we are doing day in and day out.
Dreams help us stay highly focused to accomplish our goals both in our personal and professional lives.
Are you ready to do a check-in with your dreams or have you forgotten them?
Here are three things I encourage you to consider as you reflect on your dreams:
1: What does your self-talk sound like as you are reviewing your dreams?
When you doubt yourself – the questions you ask yourself are often negative! Try and ask yourself questions that are going to benefit and motivate you even more to reach your goals, not questions that may hinder you turning them into a reality.
Instead of “Why am I NOT taking steps to turn this dream into a realistic goal? What’s wrong with me?” Flip it and ask yourself “What steps will I take to get me closer to making this dream a reality?
2: Are you expecting instant gratification?
If you are feeling impatient and expect immediate results, you set yourself up to be discouraged and angry when dreams take too long to become a reality. Take a deep breath and remember… dreaming leads to bigger dreams. Dreams stretch the limits of your divine imagination, so you will ALWAYS be dreaming. They are meant to inspire and motivate you – and never stop.
3: Do you worry too much about what other people think about your dreams?
Lioness, the fear of being judged and being worried about what others think is a real struggle for so many of us. The good news is that you can flip this fear, turn it into fuel, and leverage it. Now is the time to realize the people who don’t support you and your dreams don’t deserve your mind space. This is YOUR bold, beautiful life. I encourage you to start doing the things you love and enjoy without worrying about what others might think of you. Don’t let others stand in the way of your dreams. When you are ready to turn your dream into a goal to turn into a reality – you will succeed!
Shake off the shame and dream big, Lioness.

There is no need to wait until __________ happens.
It’s time to light your world on FIRE!


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