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You Are DIVINE - Affirmation 23 - Debra Trappen
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You Are DIVINE – Affirmation 23

Happy Moxielicious Monday!

Are you ready to fire up your mindset for the day and week ahead?

First things first – read the affirmation out loud.

I am divine, complete, and equipped to live my life intentionally aligned with my values.  Today, I will boldly shine my light.

Now, repeat it.

You already have everything you need.
Boldly BELIEVE in yourself.
Be BRAVE for yourself.

Define your values and intentionally live aligned with them.

Let’s agree to stop waiting for “something” to happen.

“Something” outside of us that will make us happier, more successful, or the most _______________ {fill in the blank}.

At some point, we all listen to the nasty self-talk we whisper to ourselves to keep us from achieving our greatness.

The reality is each of us is fully equipped to fulfill our purpose.

We already possess what we need to live our purpose out loud and serve those we are meant to serve.  It is our responsibility to move forward, hone our skills and share our talents with the world around us.

Stop hiding behind excuses.
Shake off the shame.
Give yourself grace.
Get up and out there.

SHINE your brightest light and inspire others to do the same.



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