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Divinely Equipped - Affirmation 4 - Debra Trappen
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Divinely Equipped – Affirmation 4

It’s time for another divine #FireUpYourMoxie Affirmation!

Read it out loud.

I am divinely equipped
to conquer my challenges
and my potential
to succeed is infinite.

I choose to let go of everything
that does not serve me.

Now, repeat it!

Are you ready to conquer your challenges?

Can you fee your potential for success is INFINITE?

Are you ready to let it gooooooooooo?

My Darling Lioness, please choose to leave the past wrongs others have done against you on the table of forgiveness. Don’t be tempted to bring them with you into tomorrow! They will create a bitter attitude inside you that will not serve you, your purpose, or your people.

Let. It. Go.


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Things you can do to take this affirmation to 11!

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  • Add it to your journal as a prompt.
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