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Moxie Chat: Enid Cleland * Powerful. Genuine. Spicy - Debra Trappen
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Moxie Chat: Enid Cleland * Powerful. Genuine. Spicy

Today’s moxie chat guest is Enid Cleland.

A bit about Enid…

Broker |CEO |International Speaker |2018 NAR Presidential Liaison Spain |2020 President Women’s Council of REALTORS® 

  • Seasoned Sales and Marketing Professional with 20+ years of international and domestic experience
  • International Speaker and Mentor
  • Passionate about brokerage and team building
  • Goal-driven with the ability to lead and achieve revenue goals
  • Proven experience in delivering training online and in person
  • Brand Ambassador | Connector | Influencer
  • Fearless Negotiator, Presenter, and Closer
  • Technology savvy
  • International Experience | Bilingual
  • Wall Street & Asset Management Background

Without further ado, here’s Enid.


MoxieChat Highlights


1. How do you define SUCCESS?

Success for me is an adjective to describe how I feel when I am able to meet my goals and expectations. It makes me feel good but it cannot be taken for granted.


2. Share the THREE WORDS that describe you BEST and why!

Resilient -this my personal word for the year. I will not get down and if I do, I will get up instantly.

Passionate – I am passionate about my feelings and an advocate for what I believe is right. I express my emotions and I will fight for my beliefs.

Leader – I am good at commanding attention and influencing other people and other leaders. I am a connector, a motivator, and can inspire the people who surround me.

Bonus: Grateful – I am extremely thankful for the opportunities I have. For waking up, for living for everything that I have and for what I do not have.



3. What is your favorite #soultank filling activity?

I love to meditate, spend time by myself, and take a bath with relaxing music, a good book and a glass of champagne :)

I enjoy listening to and reading inspirational and motivational books.


4. What does MOXIE mean to you?

(Listen in to hear her SASSY answer!)


5. What is the one word guiding you right now?





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