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Moxie Chat: Heather Fink * Determined. Kind. Curious. - Debra Trappen
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Moxie Chat: Heather Fink * Determined. Kind. Curious.


Today’s Moxie Chat guest is Heather Fink.


For over 25 years Heather Fink has been developing world-class beauty products for some of the sexiest, most sophisticated, provocative, edgy, fashion-forward brands in the world.

She led the teams at Victoria’s Secret Beauty, MAC, essie, bebe and Agent Provocateur in the creation of some of the most iconic products ever seen in beauty, and has the privilege of partnering with the best creative talents, labs and suppliers from around the world. Her experiences at L’Oréal, Lauder, The Limited, Interparfums and QVC afford her enormous insights and resources related to trend, innovation and the beauty marketplace.

Heather was inspired to fuse the elements from her vast history with the powerful voices of real people speaking their truth to create a brand with an authentic point of view redefining the global concept of “The Sexiest Beauty”, a ground-breaking new beauty concept that debuted in Fall 2017.

Without further ado, here’s Heather.


MoxieChat Highlights


How do you define SUCCESS?

I feel successful when I can empower others to embrace their own unique beauty inside and out. I feel successful when I am giving back. I am successful when I can be of service to the global community. I am successful if my business can thrive and I can support myself and my family and continue to accomplish my mission to do the above. And that’s full circle SUCCESS.


Share the THREE WORDS that describe you BEST and why!

Determined – I am determined to accomplish my mission and I won’t ever give up, whatever that may be.

Kind (and Loving) – I believe in leading with kindness & love and putting good, positive, kind, loving vibes out into the world. I believe that kindness is sexy.

Curious – I am endlessly curious about everything and everyone in the world.  I am obsessed learning new things visiting new places and meeting new people, cultures and ways of life.  These days it may be mostly virtual, for example, I’m learning about life in Lagos reading my brand ambassador Taiwo Aloba’s new book Surulere, Lagos and following her IG @surulerelagoschapbook where she reads the stories and shares music and the inspiration behind them! And I met you virtually and hopefully one day IRL! 


What is your favorite soultank-filling activity?

Spending time with my kid. Yes, even in the midst of Month 7 at home together, it gives me great pleasure to spend time with her. She is a joyful, positive, loving, amazing human and fills my soultank with her spirit. L


I’m pretty fond of alone time too, especially getting something pampering done like a massage, or taking a walk, reading a book.   I do have to remind myself I deserve it, and take that time or spend that money on myself.


What does MOXIE mean to you?

Hmmm, I had a general idea, but, given that curiosity I mentioned, I had to look it up, and learned it was a soft-drink from the 30s that gave you pep!  now that’s good branding, we’re still using the term 90 yrs later.  


to me, Moxie means guts and determination, boldness of character and courage to take risks and go against the norm if necessary.


What is ONE WORD guiding you right now?



Divine things to highlight:

It’s all about sharing solutions like our mask-proof lippie via our #BeSafeStaySexy campaign


When you visit, use the code MOXIE20 for 20% off all orders!  (Forever… Lionesses!)


In October, the brand givesback of $10 per item to @beautifulselforg to support their mission to empower survivors and fighters of breast cancer to embrace their beauty!


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