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Moxie Chat: Mia + Rebekah * Put Your Seatbelt On - Debra Trappen
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Moxie Chat: Mia + Rebekah * Put Your Seatbelt On

Listen in on this fierce, feisty, fab conversation with Rebekah Radice (Marketing Performance Strategist | Cyclist | Sun Lover | Chihuahua Mama) + Mia Voss (Opinionated Lifestyle Blogger | Mouthy Activist | Podcaster | Building Inspector)!
Rebekah, Mia, and I have been having ooooooodles of conversations the past 18+ months about everything from marketing to menopause… anxiety triggers to activism.
We are excited to talk about the lessons learned and what we are bringing with us into the season ahead!

This episode is special… in many ways.

First, two of my beloveds join me for a conversation.

Second, tech EXPLODED on us and we recovered.

Third, there are no show notes – you have to listen in to get the goods.



Mia Voss:


  • Opinionated Lifestyle Blogger 
  •  Mouthy Activist 
  • Podcaster @shitwedonttalkaboutpodcast
  • Mama to a Frenchie named Gidget, a cat named BonQuiQui, and many other creatures over the years!
  • …and a badass Building Inspector!

Rebekah Radice:


  • brand & biz builder
  • speaker, writer, entrepreneur
  • chi pup mama to Rolo & Brinkley






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