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Spill the Tea: Being Unstoppable - Debra Trappen
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Spill the Tea: Being Unstoppable

This week’s topic is: Being Unstoppable

Pull out your sassiest teacup, brew your favorite tea blend, snuggle into your coziest spot, and listen in on this hour of togetherness… Molly + Debra share thoughts and resources to help you embrace an unstoppable mindset and step into your purpose with passion and conviction…

Molly kicks us off with a guided breathing exercise. “Darth Vader Light” :)

What’s in your cup? Snap a pic of you and your teacup and share what’s in yours!

Debra is sipping Tazo Passion Tea in honor of her Anniversary Weekend! :)

Molly is drinking a Melbourne Breakfast Blend from her RateMyAgent pals in Australia!

Debra and Molly share their thoughts on the word UNSTOPPABLE. 

Share with us… what does it mean to you?

Before we say ciao for the afternoon… Molly shares a guided meditation!
I love this one!


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Spill the Tea!

Posted by Debra Trappen on Tuesday, May 12, 2020




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What is Spill the Tea?

One of the many fun collaborations between Molly McKinley and Debra Trappen!

Molly is the CEO of Intentionaliteas and host of the Afternoon Tea podcast, so in honor of our shared love of tea – pull out your sassiest teacup, brew your favorite tea blend, snuggle into your coziest spot and listen in on this hour of togetherness.

Get ready to hear us sharing ideas to, best practices around, and (of course) highlighting our favorite people, brands, and initiatives positively serving humanity and sprinkling JOY over their slice of the galaxy!

It is our heart’s desire to provide a lens for focus, a place to uncover the opportunities that abound. and create a moment to embrace grace and gratitude as we celebrate the beauty that is swirling around us. 

Let’s all go forth and lead with love, trust, and faith.  

Learn more about MoxieOnFire.com – one of our other exciting collaborations!





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