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Spill the Tea: Akhilanda. The Vision Archetype. - Debra Trappen
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Spill the Tea: Akhilanda. The Vision Archetype.

Join us this week as we discuss The Vision Archetype from The Wild Unknown Archetypes Card and learn more about the Akhilanda from Meggan Watterson’s Divine Feminine deck/guidebook.

We also have so much to catch up on after being on the road for the last month!

This Week’s Archetype:The Vision

This Week’s Divine Woman Spotlight:
Akhilanda, The Goddess of Never Not Broken


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We will be sipping while weaving intentional breathing, guided meditations, and spilling the tea about books we’re reading, lessons we’re learning, honoring the divine feminine energy around and in us, and soaking in a soul session with moxie! Take a moment to pour your favorite beverage, pop in your earbuds, snuggle into your coziest spot, and get ready to join in on this time of togetherness.




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What is Spill the Tea?

One of the many fun collaborations between Molly McKinley and Debra Trappen!

Nearly every week, we get together to sip tea, do some breathwork, recite affirmations, lead meditation moments, and have a conversation about what we’re reading, seeing, or doing… all with a focus on keeping a balance of divine feminine + masculine energies at our table.

Most of the time, it is the two of them, sometimes they have a fellow soul-centered author or entrepreneur join the conversation! 

Take a moment to pour your favorite beverage, pop in your earbuds, snuggle into your coziest spot (or head outdoors for a walk), and listen in on this hour of togetherness.

Learn more about MoxieOnFire.com – another exciting collaboration.

Learn more about Intentionaliteas, Molly’s tea company.





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