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vLog - Creating Exceptional Experiences... - Debra Trappen
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vLog – Creating Exceptional Experiences…


Today’s Topic:
Creating exceptional customer experiences by focusing in on the details…



For those of you who prefer to READ, not watch… here you go!

Our lives are filled with oooodles of EXPERIENCES.  

Some are delicious and lovely, others heartbreaking or just plain forgettable… and then there are the fabulously exceptional ones.  The ones we recall for years to come.  Like that hotel that we travel to for business that always remember our name, the specific pillows we order, or the favorite beverage or midnight snack we love… and then they DELIGHT us by delivering it to our door (or have it waiting for us!).   When we are blessed with these encounters we want revisit those establishments, do more business with those people, and refer others again and again because when someone pays attention to the details, we feel cared for and connected.  We feel special.

The delight is in the details, just think about it. 

It is the difference between receiving a glass of ice water in a dingy cup or being served a lovely cucumber-mint infused ice water in an Italian crystal glass – with a squeeze of lemon juice… a sprig of mint and a straw.  Same water. Same ice.  Difference experience.

So, how do YOU build emotional points of difference into every product or service you offer – to create an engaging consumer experience?  

Challenge every part of your process. 

When was the last time your wrote out your entire business process?  List each step in one column and in the next column write at least one way you can take it to another level.  

Sassy Ideas:
1. Take an ordinary paper or PowerPoint presentation and design a fresh version on your iPad for added delight and an extra WOW.  Try out one of my favorite presentation apps “Haiku Deck” to create visually delicious slides! I use these “slides” as photos in many of my blog posts as well… LOVE THEM! (Follow HD on Twitter too: @HaikuDeck)

2. Build out a FUN “Getting to Know You” questionnaire for clients.  Let them SHARE the details that will delight them like their favorite sports teams or type of food!  This will assist in NEVER scheduling a meeting when their favorite sports team is playing or suggesting a steakhouse to a vegan! 

Remember, unless you are a visionary or epic innovator, you are likely selling or serving something that has been sold before.  


“Focusing on the details, building in unique elements, and letting YOU shine through is key to this customer experience process.”

Finally, Look to others for inspiration.  

Is creativity eluding you?  Write a list of the companies you want to emulate.  What is it about them that you love?  Can you infuse this into your business process somehow?  Now, I am not suggesting you copy another brand you compete directly against.  That is not only unethical, but you are also telling the world that you lack the talent to come up with your own ideas – and that is a lose-lose situation.  However, seeking ideas from other industries…being inspired and then translating someone else’s innovation to a new purpose for your consumer… that’s brilliant. Watch for interesting trends in other countries or unrelated industries that may have the similar consumer motivation… well, you get the idea.  Also think about specific brands that you can continually look to for inspiration.  Follow them on Twitter.  Like or subscribe to them on Facebook. Watch them… and let the inspiration begin!

As always, it is my heart’s desire to inspire  you with a new tip, trick or truth on elevating your experiences… customer experiences and social media strategy/engagement alike!  If I have done that for you today… I would love a good ol’ fashioned LIKE (*wink*), comment, and share with your world – as you wish!



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