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#FireMeUp11: Commitment To Excellence - Debra Trappen
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#FireMeUp11: Commitment To Excellence

Earlier this week I posted this status update on Facebook:

FireMeUp11 - Commitment - Be Mindful




…and the comments, texts, direct message, and emails I received were fascinating and heartbreaking all in one.  So many friends, colleagues and clients shared that they STRUGGLE with seeking perfection.  They commit to creating perfection, NOT to obtaining excellence.  Some even shared that it paralyzes them to the point of inaction and ultimately creates a self-fulfilled prophecy of failure!  Nearly every single person admitted to committing to the WRONG goal and not realizing it until it was too late.  Wow.

FireMeUp11 - Commitment - Kaizen Excellence

Note: This same message subconsciously inspired that original Facebook post… I realized it when I went back into my notes. I love it when GOOD WORD gets embedded in our minds like that… another reminder how important it is to surround yourself with positive, truth speakers!

Rewind to about a month ago.  Pastor Ryan shared an amazing message, at Champions Centre, surrounding the word KAIZEN.  (Of course, I take notes in Evernote – EVERYwhere, so below are some highlights on this talk that I want to share with you.)

KAIZEN = Continual Improvement

  • Excellence comes from within
  • Excellence comes where it is valued
  • Excellence is inspired by experiencing excellence
  • Excellence is a journey, not a destination

Come on now…

Let’s COMMIT to EXCELLENCE together.  
Let’s STAY LOYAL to that commitment.  


Who’s with me?

Okay, those of you  bold souls who raised your voices to shout ME!, I am IN…  and those of you with your hands wildly waving with participation in the air…

GO – quickly. Find “your” someone… the person you TRUST and RESPECT… and share your “challenge” with them.  Declare what EXCELLENCE GOAL you are both going to commit to and make yourselves accountable to one another.  

Remember, this isn’t about setting SAFE goals…

TweetMeBirdie“THIS is about the Be UNREALISTIC movement… and inspiring yourself to greatness.” 

I look forward to seeing what YOU are going to commit to… and why.  

… and, as always, if this post Fired You UP and inspired you, I truly appreciate your likes, comments, and shares with your world.




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