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Are YOU On Your LOVE List? - Debra Trappen
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Are YOU On Your LOVE List?

This morning, the idea of writing a list of everything you LOVE popped into my mind – so I went with it.

I started to write mine down and thought – oh, I am going to add a fun “ME” spin, THEN – ooooohhhhh! – maybe I should start a series of “Soultank Love Fuel” posts inspiring my darling audience to write a list that focuses on all sorts of things they love – by category like what they love about and doing with their partners, littles (human or furry), best friends… you get the idea. (Welcome to the fuzzy bunny swirlings and twirlings of my mind – lol!)

Okay, back to the list.  Well, I started to write a list of everything I love and realized, while it is all about things I love – I wasn’t on the list.

When you slow down and think about this… It truly hits you.

When was the last time you put YOURSELF on your own THINGS I LOVE list?

Specifically YOU.

If you are scratching your head thinking:
“I am pretty sure if you never asked me this questions, I would never have thought to include myself!”

You are not alone.

Remember, I didn’t immediately think of me, either.

That actually inspired me to think

  • Loving yourself is a requirement to loving others.
  • Loving yourself is a Biblical Principle.
  • Loving yourself helps you accept who you are.
  • Loving yourself gives you confidence.
  • Loving yourself changes your outlook on everything else.

Just like when we fall in love everything around us becomes more beautiful and appealing… falling in love with yourself is no exception!

So, today, take some time to write a list of all the things you LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF.

Here is a list of things to inspire you:

1. Your giggle

2. Your generosity

3. Your spontaneity

4. Your faith

5. Your smile

6. Your human-jukebox skills

7. Your ability to inspire others

8. Your bravery

9. Your truth-telling

10. Your tenacity

11. Your beautiful, open mind

12. Your positive attitude

13. Your passion for personal improvement

14. Your curiosity

15. Your killer doodling skills (like how you can connect hearts together FOR DAYS!)

16. Your cartoon voice (Heather, Schmoobie says HI!)

17. Your ability to give others grace

18. Your ability to give yourself grace

19. Your mad karaoke skills

20. Your unique sense of humor

21. Your willingness to change

22. Your intuition

23. Your musical talent

24. Your dramatic tendencies

25. Your ability to lift one eyebrow

26. Your warm hugs

27. Your list-making abilities (okay, obsession!)

28. Your dedication to doing something meaningful with your life

29. Your passion for solving problems

30. Your personal style

31. Your silly accent and how it makes your loved ones laugh

32. Your love of animals

33. Your ability to write a list of things you love about yourself ;)

Ready? Set. Gooooooooooooooo!

Want to share your list or a favorite item on it?

Leave me a comment below or share your favorites online and use #FireMeUp11!


Happy List Writing!

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  • Heather Ostrom
    Posted at 18:49h, 14 February Reply

    Being fearless to be silly, to make others laugh. A lovely gift my father gave me (who was and always will be my first Valentine and my comedic inspiration)

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