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Are you easy to connect with on Facebook? #FireMeUp11 - Debra Trappen
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Are you easy to connect with on Facebook? #FireMeUp11


What is the big mistake you might be making on Facebook (or an social media platform you use to build relationships)?

What could it be? 

Shockingly, it is—> NOT MAKING IT EASY to research and connect with you from your Facebook profile!

Yep.  It sounds crazy, but it is true.  

I have lost count of how many times I’ve gone to Facebook to find an email or phone number of a Facebook connection and had to do a web search. Ugh.  (Yes, you can send a private message on Facebook, but many people never check that inbox!)

If you don’t really want to use your main email or mobile number – you can add a general email address and/or a Google Voice number so that people can still reach out to you.  Facebook also gives you all sorts of other “contact info” options like adding in your Twitter handle, Instagram account, and offers space to add website links so you can include your LinkedIn, Blog, Google+, Pinterest, etc…  You can see, on my example below, there is plenty of room to include what you wish to share!

Ask yourself:
“What is the experience my “Social Media Connections” have if they look up my contact info?”

You will likely find that there are areas you can update… 

So, to get you started, here are 3 easy steps to elevate your ABOUT SECTION on Facebook:

1. Go to your Facebook Timeline Profile Page.

2. Click on the “ABOUT” section.

3. Scroll down to the “CONTACT INFORMATION“, click “EDIT”, and make sure each area is completely filled out.

Extra Tip:
When you are in the “EDIT” section you have the ability to modify the “privacy setting” of each email, phone, and sections!  For example, you can show your mobile number to FRIENDS and your Google Voice to the PUBLIC. 



Privacy Settings Screenshot…
Click the grey drop down arrow to change the setting on each area!



Happy Facebook “contact info updating”, my friends!  

Once you are done with Facebook… go and check out your other profiles to make sure they are filled out too. 


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