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What Are You Thankful For This Year? - Debra Trappen
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What Are You Thankful For This Year?

Lovingly added to in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and now – 2018!


Thanksgiving reminds me to slow down, recall the many things I am thankful for, and intentionally count my blessings. In 2013, I decided to put my list together a little differently, more of an inspiration list to remind myself why these “things” are important.
Here is my every growing list… I pray it inspires you to write your own this weekend!


Idaho-DrewDebFishing1. Family. 

Do you have a spouse who supports you in your dreams, encourages you not to settle, pushes you to see things differently, and keeps you smiling/laughing? How about parents, siblings, or extended family, including core friends who are ALWAYS there for you – no matter what?  It is a blessing to know there are people who know us better than we know ourselves… You know, those special souls who remind us of our greatness and purpose; and always sing our song to us when we have forgotten it.

Take a few moments and appreciate all the good things about your framily (friend + family = framily).

Bonus JOY points if you call a few people on that list and thank them for something special they have done for you this year.  It is so worth the time to pour into these special people. 


2. Serving others.

Do you realize how blessed you are when you find yourself in a position to help others?  I believe serving others demonstrates an abundance mindset and definitely brings joy and happiness into your life. You are able to pour your overflow into them.  Being a servant leader takes it to a whole new level. Think about the impact you are able to make on someone else’s life. 

Running my own business has been an amazing journey filled with so many emotions I am thankful for, including excitement, anticipation, frustration, disappointment, and so many more.  Every day I am blessed to hone the art of patience, persistence, resilience, collaboration, communication, etc…  I know, first hand, if you don’t have passion for what you do or conviction of purpose – many of these “servant leader” lessons would seem like a burden, not a blessing filled with JOY.


3. Furballs.Happy-Thanksgiving-2014-Family

Our furry family members bring us such JOY and companionship.  Take time to recognize their roles in making our lives better.  It is a blessing to be able to care for these sweet creatures!

My sidekick, Niko, has been such a sweet friend to me for the last 10+ years. In late 2017, we think he had a stroke that affected his brain and ultimately took his vision. He is still strong, healthy, and a little old curmudgeon – in all the best ways. He always knows when I need him to curl up next to me.

Lizzie, is wild, rambunctious, and full of life and love.  She reminds me to slow down and enjoy playing, giggling, and finding fun in little things like squeaky sounds, leaves blowing in the wind, and surprise puppy kisses. 

These two little souls add a rich layer to my life and I am so grateful for them. If you have furball, give them an extra treat today… If you lost your furball this year, know my lil Moreno is playing with your buddy at Rainbow Bridge while they wait for us… If you are thinking about adopting a furball – DO IT. Your life will be richer and more JOYful with them in it. 


 4. Seeing adventure in being healthy…

Health is epically important, and yet we often take our good health for granted. Even if you are not in excellent health right now, you have the power to take a step to better health – right this very minute.  Try this: get up and read this post while walking around your kitchen island!

Working from home had definitely slowed down my daily activity levels.  These past several years, I have been honing the skill to combine these work and working out – to not only inspire me to move more and also keep healthy.  Adventure used to include riding the bike or elliptical and now looks like Yoga and JOY-filled hikes in the forest. 

Oh, and this also works my imagination muscles… triple bonus! ;)

Regardless of how you honor your well-being, I encourage you to move more, laugh more, and (of course) drink more water. ;)

5. Divine conversations.

Whether they are over a hot chai tea latte or luscious glass of wine, in person or via technology, amazing conversations FIRE YOU UP.  Being thankful for those chats always makes my list.

Social media has sparked more amazing conversations than I can count.  It has helped me build/nurture amazing relationships with people all over the world and has been key in launching many prosperous business ventures and partnerships!  Every single day a smile is brought to my face by a friend’s photo, video, or story of how they were inspired them to reach for define and design the best version of themselves, live out loud, on purpose, and on their own terms – including what success truly looks like to them. 

There are so many amazing conversations happening online and I believe it really is all about with whom you are connected – so if you don’t feel this way about your online or social media experience – it’s time to do some pruning, muting, and disconnecting. ;)


6. Bliss.

This was my word in 2017 and here is what it represents to me:

~Be present. Take time to look up and out into the world. Take MORE time to look up and abide.
~Look for opportunity: Moments to serve and empower others abound in opportunities that honor my purpose.
~Implement ideas: Take action. Period.
~Spark joy: Smile and laugh more often. Inspire others to do the same.
~Stay focused: Define a couple key goals and FOCUS ON THEM. Ditch senseless hustle – always.

A big part of bliss, for me, is looking for opportunities to make others smile and being grateful for smiles sprinkled upon me!

It’s important to know, in my heart, that I’m a kind person who spreads cheer. I would never intentionally hurt someone and always seek to find ways to elevate thinking, attitudes, and dreams of friends.  The best compliments I have received have been connected to inspiring people to shift their perspective, to see the positive and push forward – all with a smile. 

Think about what compliments resonate the most with YOU.  They are likely connected to your divine purpose on this planet. When you do the actions that inspire those compliments – you are living out loud and fulfilling your purpose.  Graciously accept those compliments and generous give them!


7. Being brave and vulnerable.

Most of us are more than we give ourselves credit for – both in our minds and out in the world. 

Being grateful for what you have achieved, endured and survived can only lead to good things.  Celebrating the failures is a huge step into living a gratitude-focused life and a sure way to Fire Up Your Moxie!

Take a moment and write a list of your greatest accomplishments this year.  Those goals you achieved, the lessons you learned, the moments you elevated your mission, etc.  Do the same for your failed attempts and lessons learned – those ARE part of your success story.  Then, congratulate yourself, just as you would your best friend.

Speaking words of affirmation into your heart is so very powerful. 

Be positive. Be humble. Be kind. Be brave.


8. Vision.

I’m thrilled to say I am (and continue to be) a woman with a passionate vision that makes me proud – every single day. 

Are you proud of yourself and your vision, too? We all need to be proud of our dreams and visions.  Confidence grows stronger every day when we are heading in the right direction to help achieve our goals. 

Do you have something you are working to achieve right now?  Have you defined where you are going?  Are you making conscious choices and living the life you want to live? Are you on your way to dreams come true?  Have you said this OUT LOUD? 

Try this with your latest vision or dream. Put yourself out there and share it with your Lioness Pride – your biggest champions and advocates.  It will provide your amazing supporters an opportunity to serve you and bless you along the way.

When you are ready to unveil your dreams publicly – remember this will uncover insecure connections that want us to squash our dreams.  You have the power to decide what you do with their feedback.

Choose wisely, my darling. 

And always, always be thankful for your champions.
Lift them up, pray for them, and honor them.


9. Faith.

It is such a blessing to live in a country that allows me to believe in God AND magic – out loud. 

Being part of a church family with vision and passion for the community gets you outside of your personal bubble.  Planting goodness in your community fills your spiritual tank to the brim!

No matter what your belief system is – weave people into your life who will encourage your spiritual growth. 


10. Lessons learned and doors that closed.

Some of life’s lessons are inevitably going to be painful, devastating, or perceived as a negative. However, shift your perspective.  See that the harder the lesson – the more potential for growth it represents.  See the people who didn’t support you as the catalysts to you living your bigger dreams – loudly and more joyfully.

Being grateful for life’s hard lessons and closed doors, for the pain and the suffering, will inevitably help you grow stronger, wiser, and bolder. 

If you obsess about what you have lost behind those doors, you may miss amazing opportunities right in front of you. It steals your joy and limits your potential. How you choose to see these moments is up to you. My darling, please choose wisely. 

11. Simple luxuries.

We often take for granted those little things we love that make our lives easier, sweeter, and more joyful. Here are some of the special things on my list:

  • Salted caramels dipped in dark chocolate from Brugge Chocolates
  • Hikes in our luscious Pacific Northwest forests – any time of year
  • Freshly steeped loose leaf tea
  • Sitting in front of the fireplace with a good book
  • Pouring a luscious glass of wine… in a stemmed crystal glass
  • Lady Danger – my favorite red lipstick by Mac
  • Dancing with my Love to anything Barry White sings
  • Netflix
  • Pedicures
  • Prosecco
  • Yoga (and yoga pants!)
  • My Bluetooth Speakers
  • Feeling of putting on the Tiffany pearls my hubby gave me
  • Bubble baths with bubbly in a glass
  • Candlelight
  • Fuzzy slippers
  • Comfy bras
  • Silk Robes
  • Mexican food
  • Sushi
  • Vanilla Fizz Martinis
  • Voxer
  • Interviewing inspiring people
  • The way my pups yelp when I walk in the door or pull out their leashes for a walk
    …and so much more!



What are you thankful for?




Wishing you and your loved ones a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING.


  • Richard De Vita
    Posted at 04:52h, 29 November Reply

    Thank you for once again reminding us of the truly important “things” in life that make it so fulfilling and rich.

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 22:20h, 29 November Reply

      My pleasure, Richard! Thank YOU for your amazing support… Cheers!

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