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Are you intentionally SELF-aware? - Debra Trappen
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Are you intentionally SELF-aware?

Last week, I was reminded how important it is to honor and live in alignment with your values and passions.  I know, I know, I teach these principles every single day with clients and in my soon to launch Radical Mastery Program. However, today – it felt different.

Niko and Lizzie at Marymoor!

Drew and I making time to walk with Niko (the chocolate min-pin) and Lizzie (the vanilla/butterscotch Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix) in Redmond’s Dogtopia!

Today, I spent time outside with my hubby and the pups (one of my key ‪#‎soultank‬ passion fuels).  These times always inspire me to dream bigger and release the fears that come along with those visions (a core value).

I felt amazing after this 90 minutes.

Then, I took honoring and living in alignment to an 11 by being self-aware, recognizing them in MY LIFE, and celebrating the accomplishment.

What are you doing today that you can connect with your core values or soul-tank passions? 

Stop, acknowledge (be self-aware) and celebrate.

Share it with me in the comments below.  Inspire someone in your world by sharing it with them.

Nothing coming to mind?  

That’s okay. You can celebrate being self-aware here, too. The first step to fulfilling this mission is knowing you need to improve!

Slow down. Take a moment. Shake the shame off and give yourself grace.

Your next step is to add something to your life that DOES make your values vibrate with joy and fills your soul-tank to the rim!

When you decide what that will be, share it with me below and share it with a loved one who will help keep you accountable, as well as be your celebration partner! :)

Enjoy being intentionally SELF-aware, my friends.

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