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Meet Tina Mitchell * Journey With Me! - Debra Trappen
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Meet Tina Mitchell * Journey With Me!

This episode is packed with a divine chat with Tina Mitchell. Tina and I met through our volunteering at the Seattle-Metro Women’s Council of REALTORS®! We have partnered on so many projects together, she has invited me on her radio show “The Money Hour” several times, and has sponsored several of my Fire Up! events here in the Seattle area.  I am so excited for you to meet Tina… Here we go!

Tina Mitchell has been in the mortgage industry for over 2 decades. She has been recognized during her career in the top 1% in the nation and is the founder and owner of Mortgage Triangle Software.

Tina is highly respected in the real estate community and has been awarded Partner Of The Year from Washington REALTORS®, Media Of The Year from Seattle King County REALTORS® and Member Of The Year from Women’s Council of REALTORS®.

She is a radio show personality and the host of The Money Hour on 1150 AM KKNW. Tina is also a keynote speaker, coach, and author of Journey With Me.

What Tina is most proud of is her work with homeless women. She shares her own story of Tragedy into Triumph with The House of Hope, Mary’s Place, The Hoff Foundation and Esther’s place.    



Without further ado, here are the notes from our chat:

1. How do you define SUCCESS?  

I would define success, as knowing who you are, being proud of who you are and living your life as the person you are meant to be.

2. Share the THREE WORDS that describe you BEST and why!

This is an easy answer, it’s my personal core practices… Dream, Be Alert and Learn To Fail.

Dream: My personal motto is “Live Your Dream Now”

“Happiness is simple. Have a dream, the intention to make it happen and a plan to get there.”

Dreams are powerful and so are you if you dream big. Dreams allow you to operate from imagination not memory. Imagination has no limitations. See the person you want to become and the life you want to live. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Be alert: “Wake up every morning alert to all the surprises waiting just for you. When you watch for them, they show up everywhere and what an amazing day it will be.”

To be alert is not to miss a moment in your life. It’s about creating positive triggers you can reflect back to when something is not going your way or you feel someone is treating you unfairly. If you watch for the small miracles, they show up every day all day long. If you are waiting for the big miracles, you may be waiting a long time. Focus on the good in life and see how your life will change. Be happy in this moment and see how you will alter your future moments. Ordinary moments become defining moments when you embrace them. Get busy living life of life will live you. Think about what you may miss out on if you do not.

Learn to fail: “Life is balance with no exceptions. Every failure has a gain waiting on the other side. Make the decision to look for the gain and not focus on the loss.

Only after accepting that failures were a part of life was I able to benefit from them. Be willing to fail and success will be yours. If you have not failed, you are not trying hard enough and you will never reach the success you want in life. Just because you lost, doesn’t make you a loser. Just because you failed, doesn’t make you a failure.


3. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I was in speech therapy all through elementary school and terrified to speak in front of groups.

4. If you could go back 11 years – what would you tell yourself?  

You are beautiful and you have a gift to share with the world. I believe each of us a very special and unique gift. Our journey in life is to discover that gift and share it with the world.

5. What is one habit you are trying to build?

The one habit I have already built but will forever being continuing to master it, is one-timing.

The mindset to create this habit is…

Rejoining the small success in your business. Always looking to take the hard road. The hard road represents change. The majority will do anything to avoid change and this is devastating to your business growth and success. And the last is embrace your failures. In business, your problems, challenges, and mistakes will lead you to the solution. Did you know that Thomas Edison had to fail 10,000 times before he created the light bulb? He credited his success to these failures.

6. What books are you reading and/or podcasts are you listening to?

I’m not reading a book now. I listen to my motivational clips as these keep me in the best space for motivation, inspiration, and creativity. I listen to a lot of Tony Robbins, Less Brown, Eric Thompson and Tom Bilyeu.

7. What is your ‘superpower’? 

Inspiration – I believe my gift is the gift of inspiration and to share how to live your dream now. The avenue I use to help people get here is by sharing my one-time your business philosophy. If you have control of your business then you have control of your life and that is when magical things will happen for you.

8. What does a “perfect day” in your life look/feel like?

Living and embracing every second of my day. That is a perfect day for me.

9. Do you use any of these daily practices?

Affirmations, Meditation, Visualization

10. What is your ONE WORD for the next 12 months? Why?   

That is funny you ask that because I just wrote a poem and had it put on a canvas with this year’s word “Transformation”

Half A Century Old
I am smarter, I am wiser
I’m a survivor and a warrior
Only now, do I truly have the strength I need to conquer the world.
I remember hearing when I was younger.
“With age comes wisdom.”
And now I understand.

11. What is your favorite way to spend your time away from work/responsibility?

Like anyone else, I love spending time with my family, friends. I love to travel and spend time in nature and play with my dog. But what balances me is giving back to my community. I do a lot of work with homeless women sharing my message of tragedy to triumph and how they too can turn their tragedies into triumphs and can live their dream now.


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