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pssst...Meet 11+ fabulous women inside this post! - Debra Trappen
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pssst…Meet 11+ fabulous women inside this post!

Happy International Women’s Day!

If you and I have connected, you know my passion for engaging, elevating, and empowering women – with a passion for my fellow #GenX sisters.  I truly believe when enlightened, fierce, feisty women come together to help, hire, and highlight each other – magic happens. This year, the International Women’s Day initiative’s call to action and tag is #PressForProgess.  They ask what YOU are going to do to be part of the solution… and I (obviously)chose the action: Forge Positive Visibility of Women!

So, in honor of my commitment, here are some of the amazing women I have been inspired by over the last year, as well as a list of women whose stories I can’t wait to share with you on the Fire Up! Podcast this year!

Rebekah Radice


Rebekah is a husband-adoring wife, mama to boys – both human fur babies… an eternal optimist, animal rescue advocate and in the last few years has become one of my closest tribe sisters.  She is also an entrepreneur, author, international speaker, host of the Brand Authority Show and Podcast, AND my NEW business partner. Rebekah and I have been many things to each other… online connection, friend, business colleagues, and more… This past year, we stepped into a new season together when we decided to start a new business together and infuse our shared faith into our daily discussions.  Along the way we have learned we have so much in common – from 80’s flicks and singing Yacht Rock at the top of our lungs… to our passion for animals, love of learning, and straight up truth talk.  Our new venture – The Radical Entrepreneur – has already brought more blessings into our lives than we imagined.

Carol Farrar


Carol is a San Diegan, rad wife, loving mama, community connector, beer nerd, and fabulous friend to those blessed to be in her tribe. She also owns her own real estate brokerage (1850 Realty), is the President of her local REALTOR® Association, and a YPN Advocate. Carol and I have known each other for many years now and we have worn many hats together from friend to client to mentor to conference roomies.  We have laughed hundreds of laughs, danced to dozens of songs, and raised an “ intentionally uncounted” number of glasses. In the last year, she became a Mama Bear. It has been so inspiring watching her in this new role and I can’t wait to support her each step of this new journey!

Jacci Turner


Jacci is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She loves chocolate, babies, and coffee with friends. Jacci is also a bestselling author of middle grade and young adult fiction and she also writes adult fiction. Her latest book, The Retreat is one of my favorite reads on spiritual transformation.  Her desire to spread joy, love, and acceptance is unsurpassed in my circles. Jacci and I met at a “women in leadership” event.  She was a client first and has become an amazing friend and has supported so much – including my latest venture, The Radical Entrepreneur.

Shannon Buss

Connect with her!

Shannon is all about loving the salt life. The woman LOVES where she lives!  She is a loving Mama to both human kiddos and fur babies and is a feisty, fabulous friend to the blessed people in her world. She is also the Broker Owner of Bayside Realty in Rhode Island, a brilliant, bold light and voice in leadership at the national and regional levels with the Women’s Council and National Association of REALTORS®!  Shannon’s tenacious spirit and passion for serving her community are beyond inspiring.  We were able to share time together late last year when I spoke at her Women’s Council Region 5 event in Rhode Island… and I look forward to our next in-person hug and conversation!

Paula Monthofer


Paula has wanderlust. She is a traveler, a wife, a Mom to a sassafras and voice of encouragement to the many friends and colleagues in her life.  She is also a national speaker and REALTOR® who is passionate about life in Flagstaff, Arizona.  She has a wicked wit and vivacious spirit… and can seriously bust a move (and stack of cement planks) on stage.  Her passion to serve her friends, family, and industry shows in every move she makes, including serving as the Arizona State President of the Association of REALTORS®. We met briefly on my first trip to speak for the AZ Association in 2016 – and we were hooked. Thankfully we shared time again last year at their state convention and she was part of my Fire Up Your Life Retreat in Arizona later in the year.  I love seeing her go after her biggest dreams and embracing the gypsy inside of her!

Sara Sutachan


Sara is a brilliant GenX leader, podcaster, fierce friend to her squad, and a devoted Mama to two of the cutest kiddos you have ever seen. She is also the Vice President of Industry Relations & Strategic Initiatives at California Association of REALTORS®.  Her journey has been filled with lessons of true love and laughter and deep sorrow and loss… and she uses every bit of what she learned along the way to build a magnificent life that inspires everyone she meets. When Sara and I met we instantly knew we would be connected and working together for many years.  Sometimes, you just know.  The last 12+ months have been packed with vision casting and creating the WomanUP® Movement and Events for the California Association of REALTORS®. This process has been nothing short of magical.  She saw a problem and took ACTION. Her vision to help empower and educate women in California to step up and into Brokerage ownership has ignited a movement with National interest and industry-changing potential.  It is such an honor to officially partner with her on this amazing initiative… more details soon, I promise!

Valerie Garcia


Valerie is on a mission to help others conquer fear and take risks. She is an encouraging, truth-telling confidant to her tribe, devoted wife, and one of 15 siblings. (Yes, you read that right.) Val and I were introduced online many years ago when we were both working for large real estate brokerages.  This last year, we went a bit deeper and connected on a Faith level.  When you do that, it shines a light on the divine plans that are woven around you.  Her courage and tenacity to follow her dreams, practice forgiveness, and embrace LOVE are a few of my favorite things about her.  Check out her fiery new project: www.moderncampfireworkshop.com (See what I did there? )

Christine Carlo George


Christine is a Mom, Happy Wife, and Yogi!  She is also the President, Marketing and Business Development at RE/MAX Leading Edge.

Christine and I met through Katie Lance (who has been on many of my I LOVE lists through the years)…  Christine and I had our first, intimate chat in January this year… and I can tell our connection has only just begun.  I love her perspectives on love, marriage, parenthood, and leadership. Every single time we connect my thoughts are expanded and elevated!

Laura Monroe


Laura is a waterfall chaser, football mom, and a dear, wine-loving friend.  She is also a national speaker, tech geek, brand strategist and marketer who is currently VP of Growth & Partner Collective at Sequel. Laura and I met each other through Inman events and have known each other for nearly a decade.  We have had so many adventures – all with conversations, wine and laughter involved… and a few soaked in tears. This past year, I have seen her rise like a glorious phoenix and soar to new heights – both personally and professionally.  She is incredibly courageous and has inspired so many with her vulnerability, sharing of her story, and passion for living the truest version of herself.

Leslie Appleton Young


She is a trailblazer, mentor, speaker, and SoulCycle evangelist.  She loves life and lives it out loud! Leslie is also the Chief Economist at California Association of REALTORS@. We met a couple of years ago at a C.A.R. event and her passion for speaking life and confidence into the next generation of women in leadership is ELECTRIC.  Every single time we see each other there is never enough time.

You know what I mean?

Heather Heuman


Heather is a self-professed Jesus girl, wife, and homeschool mom who LOVES her sweet tea.  She is also a CEO and Podcaster at Sweet Tea Social Marketing… and the brilliant mind behind “How She Built It” – an online summit featuring 21 Christian women in business sharing strategies that are working for them to create success without sacrificing their faith and family.  THAT is the reason we met, but definitely NOT the “why”… and I look forward to uncovering all of the ways we will be able to serve one another’s vision and purpose!

Stacie Perrault Staub


Stacie is a supermom of 4, wife to 1, and self-admitted Type A.  She is also a blogger, marketing guru, owner of the RAD real estate brokerage West + Main Homes, and mastermind behind the genuinehustle.com events.  Stacie and I met many years ago, but in the last 18-months, some situations have brought us closer… some joyous and exciting and a couple unimaginable and heartbreaking.  Regardless, we have recently done amazing things together, including the Speak Your Truth Now virtual conference to help raise awareness and ignite conversations around harassment, abuse, and inappropriate behavior – mainly in the workplace and supporting women to step up and speak out. High-five, sister… high-five!

Molly McKinley


Molly is a yoga teaching, dog adoring, veggie-loving, gardener who spends any free moment with her 3 kids and wife.  She is also EVP of marketing for Relola.  Molly and I met a few years ago, but the last year has been packed with the most divine conversations about life, change, and dreams.  We have taken our online conversations into the offline world, partnered together on projects, and she has sponsored more than one of my women’s empowerment events. Molly recently made a MAJOR dream come true when she purchased a FARM and just recently added baby chickens – including an adorable Buff Orpington named Milly!  I love seeing dreams come true for dear friends, don’t you?

April Briggs


April is a disciple of Jesus, wife to 1, mama to 5, and friend to many blessed souls. She is also a Keto advocate and runs a networking marketing business selling Prüvit (I LOVE my keto OS drinks!).  April’s middle name is Grace… and she is overflowing with it.  This last year was filled with more pain (physical and emotional), disenchantment, and spiritual warfare than most people experience in their entire lifetime. Through it all, she rose above the deception and disappointment to serve and love with her whole heart. She is one of my confidants and a key spiritual guide.  Seriously, when I am looking for a message or Scripture to help me through a situation – SHE is the person who always points me in the right direction. She is confidently moving forward into a NEW divine season and I am so fired up to see where this all leads her.

This past year I started interviewing the amazing members of my private Facebook group for Power Women.  As mentioned above, I am working on moving each one of these chats over to my Fire Up! Podcast, so get ready to meet even more FAB women like:

1. Erica Ramus

2. Heather Ozur

3. Julie Ziemelis

4. Sherri Souza

5. Tina Mitchell

6. Barb Betts

7. Lisa Dunn

8. Lori Namazi

9. Melanie Barker

10. Stacy Stateham

11. Valerie Torelli


Who will YOU engage, elevate, and empower this year?

I would love to see your list!

Leave it in the comments below or tag them in your comments on Facebook here!

Did you miss my chat with Mia Voss and Rebekah Radice today?
Get ready to laugh and learn, my friends!

Day 13: Celebrating International Women's Day

DAY 13: The Biggest Obstacles Women Entrepreneurs Face and How to Crush ThemIt’s time to celebrate International Women's Day! Debra Trappen and Rebekah Radice will be highlighting women who inspire them and plan to challenge you right out of your comfort zone!Join them, and special guest Mia Voss, as they talk through the biggest obstacles many women entrepreneurs face and how to crush each one of them with radical resources, research, and grit! We’ll go well over our 30 minutes with this chat, so put your seatbelt on and get ready for some radical sass and smarts to fill the chat!

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