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pssst... Open The Door! - Affirmation 27 - Debra Trappen
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pssst… Open The Door! – Affirmation 27

First things first – read the affirmation out loud.

Doors of possibility are opening for me.
Closing doors are divine protection.
I will celebrate both with a grateful attitude.

I love the idea that all possibilities exist and with every choice we make, a whole new set of possibilities are created.

I also love the belief that when a door closes – it is divine protection.  It must be closed for me to create margin for something better to arrive.

Both of these bring me joy and peace.

There are many ways to open your world to new possibilities.


Here are 11 of my favorite ways:

    1. Keep an open mind. Looking for possibilities requires you to ditch the closed mindset and embrace seeing potential around you!
    2. Be open to change. Enough said.
    3. Get comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE.
    4. Crush self-limiting belief (we covered that a couple of weeks ago, so revisit that one if you need a refresher!)
    5. You don’t have to wait for a door to close ON you. Consider removing something from your life that doesn’t serve you to make room for something fresh and fantastic. You never know what you might let in when you let something go.
    6. Learn a new skill. If you decide to take a live class – you open up to meeting new people, too!
    7. Volunteer. Serving others always opens up new possibilities AND fills your soultank with love.
    8. Smile at everyone you meet! Try it for the next week and see what happens!
    9. Take yourself on a “ME DATE”. Get to know yourself while sitting by the lake or walking the exhibits at your favorite museum or gallery!
    10. Build a vision board or start a journal where you write out your wildest dreams!
    11. Kick judging others to the CURB! When we judge other people, we don’t define them; we define ourselves as judgmental people. (No, thank you!)


Lioness, it doesn’t matter HOW you choose to open up to possibilities… it matters that you DO.



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