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5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off Into Your Best Habits - Affirmation 28 - Debra Trappen
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5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off Into Your Best Habits – Affirmation 28

This week’s affirmation is reminding each of us we have what it takes to make our dreams come true.


I have strong willpower and can change my habits with ease.

My vision and purpose are clear to me.

I already have the wisdom and courage it takes to make my dreams come true.


When you weave together a strong will power, consistent habits, clarity of vision and purpose, and the courage to believe you have what it takes – you are truly able to build your best life.


This week, I want to focus on the habits element of this affirmation and share 5 of my sassiest steps to help you build bold, brilliant habits to support you living your best life out loud, on purpose and on your own terms.


5. Define WHY you want to commit to building the habit.

If you have gone through my Values-Based Goal Setting program, you have heard me talk about this A LOT. There are 4 basic components in my formula to set a goal that honors your values and sets you up to successfully achieve it. 

1. Defining your commitment – including WHY you are doing it.

2. Choosing the actions that will help you achieve it.

3. Surrounding yourself with ideal connections who will help and support you.

4. Declare how you will feel when you accomplish it.

pssst… Make sure your WHY and FEELING motivate you. If they don’t, you won’t do it. ;)


4. Consistency.

Embracing consistency is so key to building strong, life-long habits. 

My friend Tami Bonnell has never broken a commitment to her children because she is consistent. Want to know the consistency hack she uses with her family that allows for flexibility required to fit in her schedule? She keeps is SIMPLE. She sets a weekly commitment of doing ___________ 3 times a week. This week it might be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5pm… Next week it may need to be Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday. In seasons where you have a LOT going on, give yourself some grace and ease up on the rigid commitments. Habits without consistency are not actually habits. Instead, they are those awesome “activities” you do sometimes when you kinda-sorta feel like it. 

When you don’t feel like it…


3. Count down 5-4-3-2-1 and into action!

I love Mel Robbins’ sass and snark around this simple, incredibly effective concept. In a nutshell, when you have a thought to help you make a dream REALITY – you must take action on it immediately – or your brain will come up with all sorts of reasons not to do it.  The next time you think to yourself, I should really drink more water, take a walk, call my client, define a new business model, write a chapter, make that video… and so on – here is what you do.

Count down – 5-4-3-2-1 and BLAST INTO ACTION. Get up and grab that glass of water, put on your sneakers and take that walk, pick up your phone and make the call, pull out your Business Model Generation book and start vision casting your new business model to sell the book you are going to write that chapter on in 5-4-3-2-1. ;)

It is insane how well this works. I have yet to use it and not follow through. The hardest part with this one is remembering to do it.

When you find yourself not remembering to do it…


2. Wrangle a friend, coach, or mentor.

In other words – don’t do it alone. I love the saying: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. You don’t have to do it alone. If you find yourself in a season where you don’t have someone you can call on to help – I encourage you to make finding connections a priority – even over building the new habit you just defined. 


1. Celebrate each success with a reward.

It’s a simple formula: connect the dots between each “desire” and activity you “want to do more”. 

Love wine (like me)? Go to the gym – FIRST. I give myself different goals… like after 3 miles or 10 miles – depending on my overall goals! ;)

Love watching Netflix? Reward yourself with a mini-binge session after you finish writing the next chapter in your new book.

If you add a reward after a good habit you want to build, it’s a powerful reinforcer. Be sure your reward doesn’t sabotage your ultimate goal. For example, one glass of wine won’t blow your healthy living habit, so keep it to one and done. 


Lioness, you have everything you need to make your dreams come true.

It’s your turn to shine. 



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