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Who are you becoming? - Affirmation 29 - Debra Trappen
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Who are you becoming? – Affirmation 29

This week’s affirmation is reminding each of us we have what it takes to make our dreams come true.



I am ready to enter a new phase of my life 

and become the best version of myself in this season.

I am all in – heart, soul, body, and mind!


Whether you are moving from single life into a married one, into a new year, or transitioning from your second act to your third act – new phases of your life are always on the horizon. 


Every day you move closer to a new chapter and that can be exciting and scary. Especially those new phases that are forced transitions – the ones that are or feel out of your control like illness, the end of a marriage or friendship, closing of a door, or losing a job.


However, all of these changes and new phases can work together for your good if you allow them to.


A few questions I encourage you to ask yourself this week:


1. What do I need to release as I step into this new phase?

When you try to fit too much in, you feel exhausted, depleted, and unfulfilled.  Be mindful about what you commit to, so you are able to live in abundance in this new phase.

When you focus your precious energy and resources like time and money on the divine things you have intentionally committed to – magic happens.



2. Who do I want to become in this new phase?

When you make the decision to define or redefine your best self in this new phase – it sets you on a divine path. Start by writing out a list of fresh attributes you want to be associated with or the values you want to focus on in this new season, then write a list of activities and people that support those plans… and 5-4-3-2-1, take action.



3. Who am I becoming if I make this decision?

As you make decisions, do they support who you want to become in this new phase/season or not?  When the choice is in your control, choose wisely.




Lioness, as you move forward into this new season and new phase, remember to review your self-talk and add in some new custom affirmations to support your new direction!



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