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What do you say when you look in the mirror? - Affirmation 36 - Debra Trappen
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What do you say when you look in the mirror? – Affirmation 36


This week’s affirmation is encouraging you to look in the mirror.

Are you ready? Repeat after me:


I am confidently looking in the mirror and wholeheartedly saying I LOVE YOU to my divine reflection.


Let’s repeat this one.

If you can look in a mirror – please do so as you are repeating it. Look deeply into your eyes… into your soulful center.

It isn’t enough to say this… you must embrace and believe it. DEEP INSIDE. 

I love listening to Dr. Caroline Leaf and other neuroscientists and neuropsychiatrists talk about the brain. They have studied our noodles and found that humans have a negative and self-critical part of our brain – it is called the Anterior Cingular Cortex. I dug deeper into this and what stopped me in my tracks is that this part of the brain is actually larger and more influential in females – making many females more self-critical.

As a result, my dearest Lionesses, the hormone fluctuations in our brains create a fierce ripple that takes our bodies and our self-confidence on a negative rollercoaster-like ride.

Even more interesting is that there are women who, despite their femme brain wiring, still radiate confidence and practice self-LOVE… naturally. It isn’t impossible.

Here are a few of the common threads they share that you can focus on this week to help build your reflection-loving muscles:


1: She recognizes the beauty of her imperfections.

The naturally confident woman embraces her physical flaws, is not afraid to admit those imperfections, and does not define herself by them. In other words, those imperfections don’t overshadow all of the wonderful things she loves about herself.

It is time to look at your lumps and bumps. Stop avoiding your reflection. Start recognizing the scars on your chest or chin are part of your story and do not diminish the beauty of those features you love most about yourself!


2: She lives by a clear set of values and see it in her reflection.

If you have been listening to my podcast for long, read my Fire Up! Book (grab your copy here), or have heard me speak at a conference – you KNOW how passionate I am about you taking the time to define your core values.  When you carefully choose the values you live by and infuse them into your life with enthusiasm – you are unstoppable. 

Today, stand before a mirror and see your divine core values in the reflection. Celebrate what you bring into this world through your passion for making a difference, mentoring the next generation, and creating experiences that bring others joy.


3: She gives herself the same filter and grace she gives others.

This one is my favorite. Are you ready for a question that is going to rock your world?

When was the last time you stopped being friends with someone because of their scars, weight, or acne? 

Seriously, WHEN? (Okay, this question always makes tears well up in my eyes!)

I am going to go out on a limb and guess the answer is NEVER. 

You have never ditched a friendship because of the way a friend looked.

Soulful people don’t love others because of what they look like – we love them because of who they are and who they are becoming.  

For heaven’s sake, if we can do this for others, why not do it for ourselves?

Starting today, love yourself like you love your best friends.

Give yourself encouragement to love yourself, like you do for her.

Lioness, my heart’s desire is for you to love all of who you are and be able to look in the mirror and authentically, love what you see.  I am so fired up for you to start this journey today. I am in your corner and sending prayers, positive energy, and ooooooodles of virtual hugs your way! You’ve got this.




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