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Glitter + Gratitude - Affirmation 48 - Debra Trappen
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Glitter + Gratitude – Affirmation 48


This week’s affirmation is about glitter and gratitude.


Are you ready? Repeat after me:

I breathe life into every room I enter and
sprinkle gratitude and moxie-filled glitter wherever I go.

I believe it is always the season to embrace an attitude of gratitude, but there is something special about the weeks leading up and into the Holidays.  There is a feeling in the air inspiring us to slip into our cozy slippers, sip hot cocoa or pour bolder reds in our stems, and cuddle by the fire to reflect upon all we are grateful for in our lives..

Here are three ways to help you ignite, inspire, and infuse a grateful spirit – every single day:

1. Surround Yourself With Positive Words 

What are you reading and listening to every day?  

Are you focused on only reading the news or your manic, uncontrollable social media feed?

Your feelings of gratitude are manifested in your environment. If you want to feel more focused, more passionate, and more driven, or more grateful, surround yourself with quotes, podcasts, and books that inspire those feelings.

You’re here, so you’re getting a weekly shot of moxie. 

To help get you started, you can find over a dozen of my favorite podcasts by Lionesses in our community: debratrappen.com/fave-lioness-podcasts


2. Be Present.

Slow down.
Enjoy each moment.

Ditch the senseless hustle mantras and soak in life.

Stop planning your life all the time and start living it.

Put down your phone and experience life.  Not everything needs to be recorded.

I read somewhere that when you wiggle your toes – really concentrating on scrunching them up, moving your big toe only, etc… you don’t think about anything else. 

Try it… it is an awesome way to slow your mind down and BE in the moment.

(Are you trying it right now, too?)


3. Say THANK YOU more often.

Lioness, gratitude is a conscious decision. 

You have to practice it consistently. 

Speak it out loud. 

Write it in a thank you note. 

Pop on Facebook and post a gratitude note on a friend’s wall.


Also, take this for a spin consider switching out the tired “I’m sorry I’m late…” to
“Thank you for your grace over my tardiness.”
(That is likely what you really mean, anyway!)


Lioness, I would love to hear how you are sprinkling gratitude and moxie-filled glitter wherever I go.  Share this episode on your fave social channel and tag me – @debra11!





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