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A Fierce, Fiery Declaration - Affirmation 52 - Debra Trappen
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A Fierce, Fiery Declaration – Affirmation 52


This week’s affirmation is a moxielicious example of the type of fierce declaration each of us needs to create and repeat daily!

Are you ready? Read this one out loud…

I want an adventurous, meaningful life.
I seek days filled with passion, purpose, and change that challenges me to be my best self.
I embrace having a servant-leader heart, faith, and positive self-talk that supports and propels me into my greatness!
I will attract a living-giving lioness pride that will tenaciously guide and assist me along the way.
I pray the same for you…

Lioness, go ahead and say it out loud again!  This is YOUR one bold, beautiful life. I encourage you to start doing the things you love and enjoy without worrying about what others might think of you. Don’t let others stand in the way of your dreams. When you are ready to turn your dream into a goal to turn into a reality – you will succeed!

Create the life you imagine for yourself.
Sprinkle in adventure, passion, and purpose.
Choose your Lioness Pride sisters wisely.
Serve others. Love others.
Speak positive words over others.
See the good in yourself and in others.

Lioness now is the time, this is the place, and you are the one.

Go LIVE your best life OUT LOUD, on purpose, and on your own terms.







Click the image below to print this one out!


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