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My 2020 #OneWord Is PERSPECTIVE. What's Yours? - Debra Trappen
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My 2020 #OneWord Is PERSPECTIVE. What’s Yours?


Every year I choose a word and turn the word into an acronym or acrostic.

This is what flowed out from the word PERSPECTIVE:

Practice P.E.A.C.E. (Learn more about this method.)

Embrace and sprinkle grace daily.

Repurpose over recreate as often as possible.

Steward my energy and talents wisely.

Prayer-filled abiding in silent stillness every day.

Empower thru truth-filled actions and words.

Create clarity in chaos for myself and others.

Thrive thru transformation and transition.

Invest in my well-being thru intentional self-care.

Valiantly lead and serve my Lioness Pride.

Encourage and elevate my sacred inner circle.


Are you ready to choose YOUR One Word +  design your own Moxie Life commitments!


I put together a free download to help you! Grab your copy here: debratrappen.com/mymoxielife2020

These two exercises have helped me intentionally sprinkle in fun, learning, and focus for the last 11+ years.

The “My Moxie Life Commitments” worksheet will help you vision cast the new things you want to add into your life over the next 12 months. You will see everything from a new skill to those people you want to connect with and support more often. Those Lionesses!

The second worksheet set is designed to help you choose and bring your WORD for the year to life! It is no secret that I love using acronyms and acrostics, so infusing this into my process made perfect sense. Once you have your word, this process helps you create a short sentence for each letter to support the overall feelings the word represents to you.  It is simple and so incredibly effective.

Enjoy the process, Lioness!


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