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You Are ROYALTY - Affirmation 9 - Debra Trappen
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You Are ROYALTY – Affirmation 9

Yessssss! It’s Monday!

Are you ready to fire up your MOXIE today?

Have you read this affirmation out loud yet?
Did you repeat it?
How did it make you feel?

You do have the divine values of a QUEEN.
For those of you who need some help defining or refining your core values, click here for a core values exercise – my treat!

Your passion for your family, friends, and LIFE is fierce – like a warrior.
Maybe not all at the same time… and that’s ok. Shake off any shame you might feel for not feeling super passionate about one of those areas right now. Those feelings will return – in their proper time.

Your purpose is instilled in you to set your soul on fire.
You were created to serve people with your gifts and talents…
that is why you LOVE those activities the most.

Every single time you revisit, honor, and refine your values, passions, and purpose you ROAR and resolve get stronger!

Let your lioness roar out, my wild pride.





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