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My 2022 Guiding Word - SOVEREIGNTY - Debra Trappen
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My 2022 Guiding Word – SOVEREIGNTY

For what seems like decades, I have chosen a word to guide me each year. It served me better than putting together a list of resolutions or goals that I wasn’t fully engaged with – simply because it was January 1. Choosing a word that represented the feelings I wanted to feel MORE OF in the year ahead is much more suited to my soul-centered approach to living. 

This year, I chose SOVEREIGNTY… or to be real – she chose me. 

It’s time for me to activate my sovereignty on a higher level and reclaim my power – from all times and places I have left it along the way! Like Thecla, there are pieces of me out there that it’s time to call back home to me.

To me, sovereignty goes beyond independence, it’s about standing in the full power of your truest self. I’ve done so much sacred Work to see, love, and understand my authentic self and now it is time to let her run wild and free… and to fill my soultank so I am prepared to guide others who seek to do the same.

I plan to set aside sacred time to deepen my spiritual practice + daily rituals to help me embrace my wild, reengage my magic, and vibrate at a higher frequency this year and beyond. Over the years, I have really noticed how powerful my thoughts are becoming and how I am divinely created to use them in powerful ways. To do this at my highest and best, I must slow down and pay attention.  This time will also help prepare me for my sacred Work engaging, elevating, and empowering women. Being their guide is a privilege I do not take for granted.

I will wake up and ask myself these questions: (yes, before touching my phone!)

  • What is it I need more of in my life today? 
  • How do I want to show up today? 
  • What does God have for me today and how can I serve my purpose?

I have key goals I would love to accomplish this year, including the launch of my MoxieOnFire.com collaboration project and if at all possible, host a retreat for the divine sisterhood in my life. During one of our Spill the Tea shows this summer, Molly and I were vision casting this retreat… including what we would call it. While we were talking, I received a beautiful download around the word G.O.D.D.E.S.S. It is now an acronym and stands for “Gathering of Divine Daughters Embracing Sacred Sisterhood”! This will inspire us as we put each and every detail together.

The last two years were filled with magnificent highs, devastating lows, and ooooooodles of blasé moments… as an empath and lightworker – it feels like I felt it all – all the time. It was hard to shut it off and rest, so this year I am committing to myself to intentionally carve out time to rest and recharge. I will schedule hours and days to create art and collect beautiful items to adorn my sacred spaces. I vow to nurture my beloved relationships with a deeper focus on special time with Drew. We just celebrated the 21st anniversary of our first date and I don’t ever want to lose our magic.

Woven throughout all of this, I want to intentionally activate and integrate my divinely sovereign feminine and masculine energies. When they are balanced, I am able to serve others at my highest and best… focused on the good of all and the harm of none.

Beloved, I pray blessings over our collective year ahead and look forward to hearing YOUR words and how I can support you over the next 12 months.

If you’re ready to choose your word, head on over to debratrappen.com/mymoxielife2022 and download my free guide today!

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