In Spring 2024, I'm ready to breathe life into a decade-long dream, and I'm thrilled to embark on this journey with an incredible sisterhood of support. It's a venture close to my heart - dedicated to assisting and empowering purpose-driven, soulful leaders like you, helping you unearth your deepest potential and unleash your innate personal power.

I invite you to take a seat at this new table we’re creating in a nurturing environment with infinite possibilities to grow your business and honor the stage you are in, all while creating space for who you are becoming.

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Spill the Tea: Shamanism for Every Day - Debra Trappen
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Spill the Tea: Shamanism for Every Day

Grab your tea, blanket, and journal… and curl up for this very enlightening conversation with Mara Bishop.

Mara Bishop is a shamanic practitioner, intuitive consultant, teacher, author, and artist. With over 25 years of experience, she uses her Personal Evolution Counseling™ method to provide an integrated approach to spiritual healing, personal growth, and emotional well-being to clients around the world. Her books are guides for spiritual practice. Her courses, articles, and consultations are created to help people connect to their inner resources of all kinds, to create a healthier world. She lives in Durham, NC with a beloved family of people, animals, and plants.

Books and Audio Courses by Mara

Mara is the author of several books, audio courses, and numerous articles including:

  • Shamanism for Every Day: 365 Journeys
  • Inner Divinity: Crafting Your Life with Sacred Intelligence  (and companion series of guided meditations)
  • Shining Bright Without Burning Out: Spiritual Tools for Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries in an Overconnected World  (Launching 2022)


Links Referenced:

More about Mara

Read an excerpt from the book

Book Links:
Shamanism for Every Day – 365 Journeys
Inner Divinity: Crafting Your Life with Sacred Intelligence

eCourse Pre-Order: March 1, 2022
Shining Bright Without Burning Out: Spiritual Tools for Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries in an Overconnected World

365 Journeys Circle – Online

365 Journeys Circle is a monthly online circle.
Third Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 Eastern Time.
Connect from anywhere. No experience necessary.
This circle is free to join. Donations are welcome and will be shared with organizations committed to preserving the environment.
No obligation to attend regularly. Come as you are, when you feel the call to connect. 



Want to watch the replay or grab the links shared?

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What is Spill the Tea?

One of the many fun collaborations between Molly McKinley and Debra Trappen!

Get ready to hear us sharing ideas, stories, and (of course) highlighting our favorite people, products, and initiatives positively serving humanity and sprinkling JOY over their slice of the galaxy!

It is our heart’s desire to provide a lens for focus, a place to uncover the opportunities that abound. and create a moment to embrace grace and gratitude as we celebrate the beauty that is swirling around us.

Let’s all go forth and lead with love, trust, and faith.

Learn more about – one of our other exciting collaborations.

Learn more about Intentionaliteas, Molly’s tea company.









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