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Stop Numbing Your Life Away - Debra Trappen
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Stop Numbing Your Life Away

Today’s #MoxieMemo is a reminder to BE ALL IN in this life. 

Stop numbing and start feeling and dealing with each decision and experience – joyful or sorrowful.

When we numb ourselves from whatever feelings or situations that hurt or shame us – it actually creates more negative consequences than stepping into the pain, feeling it, and healing through it…

Numbing NEVER makes it BETTER. Ever.

Also, when we numb ourselves to avoid the bad – it dulls all of the goodness in our lives, too.

It actually STEALS our joy.

Today, if you are feeling pain – call a friend and talk about it.
Today, if you are feeling joy – call a friend and talk about it.
Today, if you are carrying a secret of your own, call a friend and share it. 
Today, if you know YOU wronged someone – call them (if appropriate) and apologize. 

However… FIRST – put down the wine, the sugar, the (fill in the _____ with your numbing agent)… and then talk with someone.

When we share our vulnerable moments with our soulmates – life is SO MUCH BETTER. We don’t have to carry the load alone… unless we choose to do so.

Choose wisely.

Sending love, hugs, and prayers to every single one of you who needs them right now.


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