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Taking a moment to quiet your mind ignites the fire in your soul… - Debra Trappen
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Taking a moment to quiet your mind ignites the fire in your soul…

Happy Fire Up Friday!

Wow!  The first two weeks of the year have been electric, even prophetic for some.  As we all implement our newest, freshest ideas or purely energized by those around us doing it, this thought comes to mind.Taking A Moment

Taking a moment to quiet your mind ignites the fire in your soul…

NOTE: it doesn’t “slow you down or kill your hustle.”

Taking a moment to slow down allows you to intentionally nurture your ideas.

Taking a moment gives you space to listen to those who are walking the path with you and inspires you to make sure they understand what you need so they can join in and support you. No, they don’t need them to “see” your full vision, but you want them to capture the essence and be ignited by it!

Taking the time to slow down allows you to make sure you are on the right course.

Today, take a moment to find or schedule some quiet time. Review what you have accomplished, thank someone who has helped you get unstuck, ask questions of and listen to your tribe, CELEBRATE the successes and recalibrate your course, where you need to.

As my friend Jim Walberg says, when you are sailing – even 1 degree off on your course in the beginning of the journey you will miss your target destination by miles. Such a lovely analogy to send you off into your weekend…

Now, I have THIS song on loop.

You’re welcome.




Signature Life - 2017

ps. If you haven’t written down your goals and commitments yet or are looking for a little something different this year. Grab yourself a free copy of my Fire Up Signature Life Session sheet: debratrappen.com/signature-life