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Yes, I Have Toilet Paper. - Debra Trappen
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Yes, I Have Toilet Paper.

Hello, Friend. 

How are you?

I want to talk about something with you. I have been getting ooooooodles of calls and notes sharing how hard it is to stay positive right now.  Watching everything happening in our world and not giving in to the fear is an ART FORM. It is hard to separate fact from fluff… I get it. Not to mention the new set of questions in my life that inadvertently plant seeds of fear – if I let them.

Am I scared of living in the vortex of the virus? (I am 5 miles from Kirkland, WA!)

Am I practicing “social distancing”? 

How am I dealing with having to postpone the WomanUP! event in Boston next week? 

And a multitude of bizarre questions around…
“Do I have enough toilet paper?” 

Yes. These are just some of the new conversations starters that seem to be on repeat these days for me.  I’m not going to pretend that I have not experienced moments of worry or concern or fear. I do. It’s natural.

Like these friends, you may be looking for tips and resources on how to pull yourself out of the fear-filled thoughts swirling around in your head.  I want to share what happens when I get those questions and encourage you to do the same.

I start by answering each question as best I can and then, in true moxie style, I flip the conversation to what I have gained and what I am looking forward to – in this season. Do you see what I see on this list?

1. Time to rest.

2. Time to breathe deeply, stretch longer, and meditate more.

3. Time to honor my 2020 word: PERSPECTIVE

4. Time to heal after the loss of my loving furball companion, Niko.

5. Time to take more walks with my husband and our sweet Lizzie pup.

6. Time to write and edit and refine my next book.

7. Time to unpack my travel kits and organize them.

8. Time to unpack my suitcase and give it a well-earned time out.

9. Time to listen to all of those Audible books in my queue!

10. Time to talk on the phone with family and friends.

11. Time to BE STILL.

Please take this time to slow down, reconnect with your family, call or FaceTime your friends and have afternoon tea or wine and catch up, learn to meditate longer, start that workout program you have been putting off, give yourself a facial at home – and get your spouse and kiddos involved – heck, make it a spa night! 

Lioness, simply take the time to sit and drink an entire cup of coffee without having to heat it up because you got lost in work again… can I hear an AMEN?!

What does YOUR list look like?

Friend, I also want to share  five fun ideas that will bring joy to you, your family, and your community:

1: Support Your Local Businesses

If you are not going out to eat right now, still buy gift certificates from your favorite local restaurants. You can order them online or call to buy one to use later. This will help them so much right now AND you have a fantastic future date night in your future.  Many of them have also added a “drive-thru” option where you don’t even need to go inside to get your meal. 

You can also go online and purchase those cooking or yoga classes you have been dreaming of, the belly-dancing class you have always wanted to sign up for, or the pole class JLo inspired you to try during the SuperBowl half-time show!  

What are your ideas here? Please share them in the comments below.

Before you bring up the topic of cash flow – let me remind you of this. You are saving money on gas, dry cleaning, eating out, and Starbucks – so you likely DO have the money to invest in some self-care, my friend.


2: Morning Walks and Game Nights

What are you doing with the daily “commute + prep time” you usually invest?

Are you letting work swallow up those hours? 

If so, please consider slowing down to insert self-care and family time instead.

Instead of missing the hustle, embrace the space.  Instead of looking at what you’re missing at work, reconnect with your kiddos.

I encourage you to replace your normal daily ”commute and prep time” with a fun nature walk with your family! Grab your cameras or mobile devices and head out for a photo tour in your neighborhood. Seeing the beauty in the blossoms of SPRING in the daylight or hearing the frogs at night will bring peace into your home and help quell the fear and anxiety.

Turn your evening commute time into GAME NIGHT TIME! Laughter heals fear.

Two of my current favorites:

Salad Bowl – thank you, Vanessa Bergmark! I have not laughed that hard in a LONG time!

Heads Up! by Ellen (you can use your phone or iPad for this one!)


What are your favorite games? Drop them in the comments!


3: STOP the Non-Stop Listening to the News (you know who you are!) 

Create a #NewsSquad of 7 people. You can each take ONE DAY a week and report back any major news to the group, as needed. Cutting the constant fear-mongering, market-tanking, pandemic-filled news out of your home at least 6 days a week will do you all good!  You already feel better thinking about doing this, don’t you? *wink*


4: Check-in on Your Senior Neighbors

Call them up and ask them if they need anything. If you go grocery shopping for them – wipe it all down and leave it on their doorstep. Mow their lawns. Water their plants. Love on them.  They are scared and need to know someone is looking out for them. 


5: Embrace Gratitude, Not Panic

Take action and focus on what you can control.

Celebrate what you do have, not what you are afraid might be taken from you.

Taking time each day to embrace what you are THANKFUL FOR is an excellent way to shift the fear-filled energy in your life.   If you have always wanted to take the time to create a gratitude jar, start a gratitude journal, or take a gratitude challenge – now is the time. This is another awesome way to invest the time you would normally be traveling to and from work! Doesn’t turning that into gratitude and self-care time sound DIVINE?


My friend, I pray you don’t choose to live in fear. 

Let now be the time we collectively open our eyes and our hearts and live out loud what our spirit has always known… we are in this together. Take the time to uncover the lessons in each moment, live and engage with a compassionate heart, and safely support your community right now. These actions will help us all heal from this and thrive on the other side.

Yes, we are all in this together. Whether you are healthy, carrying the virus, have experienced symptoms, are in the hospital, or have lost a loved one – we are all connected and in this together.

Whether you believe there is a pandemic or not, we are all in this together.

Everything we do right now is for our own health AND the physical and mental health of others around us.

Let me repeat that.

Everything we do right now is for our own health AND the physical and mental health of others around us.

Friend, there is nothing weak or pathetic about staying home and hunkering down with your family right now. 

Work from home.
School from home.
Eat at home.
Play at home.

…and remember, taking time each day to embrace what you are thankful for is an excellent way to shift the fear-filled energy in your life.

Sending prayers, love, and moxie-filled light your way.


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