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Happy International Women's Day 2020 - Debra Trappen
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Happy International Women’s Day 2020


To honor International Women’s Day, I love to share stories of amazing women in my life.

In the last twelve months, I have had the pleasure of working with and interviewing each of the women below!

Read through the list and click on her name to read a bit more about each woman and listen to our conversation over on the podcast.

It is an honor to introduce you to these magnificent Lionesses!




Beate Chelette

She doesn’t give up when she has committed to achieving something and understands how to approach things very strategically. During our chat we talk about being on the speaking circuit, her passion for helping women learn and grow through mergers and acquisitions – she is a WomanUP! Academy instructor too… and amongst the many other topics we touch – I seriously love her “male-inclusive” sass and snark. 

Valerie Alexander

She is a speaker, author, and screenwriter. During our first chat, we talk about who our culture values (this is so good!), how she holds it together in a room of CEO’s when she hears absurd things, and banter about how the buying power and leadership skills of women can’t be denied any longer.  During our second chat, we dig into what it is like being a female on the male-dominated speaking circuit, how to pick topics, where we find business, and she slays the rapid-fire questions at the end! 

Ruth Buezis

She is a deep-thinking, loyal pioneer. Ruth and I chat a lot about sex in this episode, so pop a pair of headphones on for this one, Lionesses.  Tears were flowing when she shares her story and her personal awakening to how STUNNING she is – inside and out… and how she wants each one of us to experience this same feeling!

Deidre Woollard

She is a writer, an empath, and someone who moves with considered intention in life and work. I adored our conversation about the power of empathy, PR, and leveraging HARO… and she drops some serious wisdom around OWNING and BELIEVING your own story!

Alissa Harper

She is a driven, adventurous, caring real estate industry executive. I loved our conversation about bringing more women and diverse voices to our stages and leadership tables in the real estate industry!

Molly McKinley

She is a devoted, spiritual, balanced and divine woman walking amongst us. During our chat, we talk about her cross-over into full-time entrepreneur, the margin she has created to reconnect with what matters most to her, and we tease a bit about how we are cooking up some fun collaborative projects together!

Kelly Resendez

She is a wise, conscious, fully alive human who has a passion for learning and growing. During our chat, we talk about creating more joy and what it means to become the best version of ourselves.

Sandra Miller

She is a naturally driven, competitive, successful woman who does not believe failure is an option. We talk about her love of travel, she introduced me to Hoptomists (I AM IN LOVE!), podcast hacks, the art of active listening, and so much more!

Portia Allen

She LOVES Jesus and people. She is a “happy to be” extrovert who thrives on being with others.  During our chat, we talk about FAITH, how people give her LIFE, the Sparkle Conference where we met through our friend Cill, and the exciting new project she is involved in – She Speaks Stories podcast!

Kerstin O’Shields

She is a powerful, dynamic, and impactful woman who lives and coaches through the mantra of approaching life through grace and strength. During our chat, we talk about Joy Meters, emotional woobies, and our mutual dislike of profile photos in which people are closing themselves off by crossing their arms.  (lol)

Courtney Poulos

She is an enigmatic, driven, inspired woman who has found her WHY and is reveling in the creative potential that unlocks. During our chat, we talk about her fantastic new book and her passion for helping women build wealth through real estate.

Karen Rae

She is an energetic, positive, smiling woman who is skilled in film, public speaking, and event planning who is currently following a dream of hosting a series of webTV shows that empower WOMEN to step into living their Fave Lifestyle!  During our chat, we talk about embracing change and stepping boldly and bravely into the future.

Natalie Pyles

She is a steady, faithful producer and sound engineer who loves and cherishes her friends. During this chat, we talk about everything from the importance of friendship and faith to the advice from the amazing women in our lives!

Sabrina Brown

She is positive, upbeat, and driven.  During our chat, we talk about her passion for real estate, her love of teaching, her affinity for something that MOST PEOPLE are scared to death of… and, of course, she shares her fabulous definition of MOXIE!

Coni Meyers

She is the epitome of MOXIE! Coni and I had a great conversation about choosing your word for the year, how our Core Values play into it, and how they help us see those a-ha moments or as Coni calls them “our crystalline moments” throughout the year!

Christine George

She is a positive, collaborative, responsible woman who is on a mission to help us all believe in balance! We talk about her divine definition of success, her decision to ride the gray wave, and how she slays her saboteurs!

Barb Betts

She is a compassionate, loyal, trustworthy woman who always shows up and does what she says she’s gonna do. During our chat, she shares how her dreams are starting to move to the top of her list and what she is doing to make it happen!



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Want to shine a light on a woman in your world?

To honor International Women’s Day AND Women’s History Month, I am working with the WomanUP!® Movement to nurture a fantastic new initiative called: SHINE A LIGHT ON HER!

Who has inspired you? Maybe she is a mentor? boss? friend? colleague? sibling? Mom?

This is your opportunity to TAKE ACTION, shine a light on her, and say thank you!

Fill out this super simple form and share a how she has impacted you:



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