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Your Best Year Yet! - Debra Trappen
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Your Best Year Yet!

My Darling Lionesses and the bold men who support us!

Are you ready to shake up your vision for the year ahead? Do you know what do you want more of next year and how you want to FEEL next year? 

Several years ago, (in addition to biz planning) I started using this fun format to help add some sizzle to the 12 months ahead!

debratrappen.com/mymoxielife2019 ?

I’m so fired up to share this moxie-packed process with you. Get ready to:

~ Uncover 11 exciting ways to create a year filled with intentional moxie moments! 
~ Choose your ONE WORD for the year ahead!
~ This year, I added how I turn my one word into a moxie-filled acronym to help you support what you want more of AND infuse activities that inspire those FEELINGS you want more of, too!

Here is to celebrating a magical “Moxie Life Vision Session” in your future!

debratrappen.com/mymoxielife2019 ?

ps. I would love it if you would share this with the lionesses in your life! xxoo

To inspire you, here is my 2019 word and acronym!

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