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Success follows when you know your WHY + PURPOSE! - Debra Trappen
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Success follows when you know your WHY + PURPOSE!

Are you ready to stop “talking people into” working with you and start INSPIRING them (with your why) to work with you instead?

You know how it FEELS when you connect with someone who is remarkably passionate about what they do? Success follows when you define what inspires you, motivates you, and Fires You Up! What's Your WHY? @debra11 #FireMeUp11 #MoxieMemo debratrappen.com

Ever wonder why success and confidence seem to shine out of every single word?  It is because they know WHY they do it and what their PURPOSE is!

These are not intrinsically the SAME.

Your purpose is WHY you are on the planet…

The WHY you do what you do may or may not have a direct relationship to your PURPOSE.

The WHY you work could be to provide a rich life to your children or spouse.

The WHY you started your company could be you saw a need for your service, widget or both… or you want everyone on the planet to have access to fresh water or shoes!

However, the more connected the two are – the more fulfilling the work!

When you define WHY you do what you do and if also taps into your PURPOSE, it is emotionally evocative on many levels.

Imagine if your purpose is to entertain your tribe and community and your company is all about inventing NEW GAMES – can you see how the two combined take it to 11?

If you are like me, when meeting people who know these two things and have combined them, you find yourself looking for all sorts of ways to help them achieve their goals – even if it seems those goals are audaciously unrealistic!

If you are ready to define YOUR PURPOSE and start fulfilling your destiny, check out this post to get you started!


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