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The Power Of You Story - Debra Trappen
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The Power Of You Story

Today’s Fire Up message is packed with sass and moxie (like usual) around a new collaborative project I am working on called The Power Of You.

It was created for entrepreneurs who serve their communities as consultant, coaches, speakers, authors, bloggers, podcasters – you get the picture!

Those of us who wake up smiling (ok, maybe even smirking) as we celebrate our successes yet deep down we know there is more out there!

Let me ask you:

Are your days swirling by and those big goals you have written down, are slipping by as you fiercely work IN your business?

Are you dreaming of sharing your message on a larger stage, writing a best-selling book, or securing fabulous new clients to get you from your 6-figure income to that elusive 7-figures?

Maybe you are actually waking up and obsessing over what your so-called competition is doing and it is driving you crazy…  I get it.

You know my heart’s desire is for you to have a life and business you have always dreamed of having.  Finally being able to live your life out loud and on purpose, serving those you are meant to, with a mission you are proud to share – and a confidence that crushes the curiosity of what your competition is doing.

I want to help you tap into all the unique, magnetic qualities that come naturally to you (and ignite your soul) to build your empire.

I also want to share truths to transform your business into one that invigorates you, inspires your audience, and drives dramatic growth on a daily basis, but I know I can’t do that all on my own.

While vision-casting 2018, forming a collaboration was on my radar. Then, I started talking with Rebekah Radice and the plan became more and more clear. She is a award-winning Marketing Performance Strategist and one of my business besties! She helps entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like us build a rock solid marketing plan to win more customers, increase revenue, and gain the competitive edge!

So, here we are and tomorrow is our first masterclass to test the waters!

Our decision to put this together for you was ignited by the desire we both had to stop chasing the hustle. You know the manic mantra so many preach and glorify these days. The idea that doing more and creating more is the only way to succeed. It didn’t resonate with us, so we ditched it and decided to build something around our own definition of success that was a LOT less stressful.  We wanted to travel more, mentor/volunteer more, and spend more time with loved ones…

If designing a life and business around your unique version of success sounds like a dream come true, believe us when we say… it can be your reality. But it’s going to take gumption. Yes, gumption.  Don’t you just love that word? The definition of gumption is“spirited initiative and resourcefulness.”You will need it to stop living life on everyone else’s terms and embrace who you are, what you do better than anyone else, and what it is that sets your soul on fire. The sass you sprinkle along the way makes it all a bit more fun. *wink*

If you’re tired of trudging through each day, struggling to find that elusive “work/life balance” (oh,Bek and I will be talking ALL about the word balance, Sisters!) you need to take a small step back to move forward in a BIG way.  In this masterclass, we’ll help you declare what personal and professional success truly looks and feels like TO YOU. We will define key elements including your personal and company values, your favorite soul moments, and your divine purpose.  Setting values-based goals, embracing life-changing habits, and designing self-talk time that elevates your mindset and boosts your attitude in all areas of your life will be woven throughout our time together.

Join us on this journey and we promise to help you get out of the 5am to 9pm hamster wheel, stop the hectic lifestyle you’re currently living, and build a thriving life and business on YOUR terms.

We’re pulling back the curtain and revealing our systems and processes that will arm you with what you need to make massive impact! We have also put together sassy challenges to keep you honest and on track with the goals you are setting for yourself, so in other words – we’ve got your back.

We WANT you to succeed. 

We want you to slay the dragon and take your Kingdom by storm – with feisty intention and fierce focus.

We believe you can do this.

Do you?

If you’re ready we will help you make better connections, write that book you’ve been dying to launch, speak on a bigger stage, and grow your business in a way you never thought possible…

Say“Yes” to YOURSELF.

Say YES to success and sign up for our masterclass today!

Pop on over here and learn all about the 3 layers and all of the goodies we will be sharing!



Sneak peek at the Power Of You layers…


In this layer, we’ll help you define the best version of YOU, the elements of your personal code, business brand and mission you want to share with your audience, and how to weave it all together to identify who your ideal client truly is.

  • Define your personal values, passion, and purpose.
  • Define your business values and company why
  • Identify your ideal client/audience.



Like any other project, infrastructure creates the solid foundation your business and brand need to thrive and grow. In this layer, we’ll discuss key elements to planning your daily success habits, marketing systems, and business skills that every sassy entrepreneur must have to stay focused, consistent, and always looking towards the future.

  • Commit to 2+ values-based personal and business goals
  • Choose a key habit to implement or hone over the next 30 days
  • Complete competitive research on where your ideal client is online
  • Create a 30 day, repeatable digital marketing strategy



Tired of trying to connect with the right customers, and hoping that someday your business growth will skyrocket? In this layer, we’ll give you the strategies, processes, and tools to make that 6, 7, or 8 figure lifestyle a reality. We’ll discuss the growth strategies used by the best and brightest, those women that are not just surviving, but thriving in their life and business.

  • Create one email marketing campaign/click funnel
  • Package Up Your Expertise and Deliver It Online
  • Top 3 Tools To Grow Your Business
  • Implementing Positive Self-Talk and Affirmations
  • Taking Your Life Vision To A Whole New Level

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