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Are You Ready To Release Your Inner Lioness? - Debra Trappen
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Are You Ready To Release Your Inner Lioness?

When Terri Murphy invites you to join her for a conversation – you say yes… and so I did!
Terri is one of the most magnificent voices in the real estate space and a well-respected interviewer. It was fun to switch roles and be interviewed… As you can imagine, our chat was filled with sass, moxie, and some serious fire!


Terri Murphy is the founder of Women’s Wisdom Network and is the Senior Editor for RealtyTimes – Women in Business, Women in Real Estate, In the Men’s Room with Murph,  and the president of Terri Murphy Communications.

Terri is a TedTalk speaker, consultant, and business coach, specializing in connection and engagement strategies.  Through communication, marketing, and messaging that includes online, and offline initiatives Terri knows how to create celebrity authority in any given field.

She is a published author of 5 books and produces and hosts programs on television, radio, and global virtual training. With a background in sales, Terri has been featured on ABC, NBC, and CNBC News as a sales expert.

Her podcasts and interviews  can be found on all major podcast portals under the Women’s Wisdom Network and on RealtyTimes.com

Her latest book due to be released in 2021 addresses Smart Women/Smarter Choices along with her 8-week Women in Business Mastery Virtual Network launching in January 2021.

Websites: TerriMurphy.com and MurphyOnRealEstate.com
For more information visit: www.TerriMurphy.com

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