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Moxie Chat: Lisa Kavanaugh * Tenacious. Curious. Golden. - Debra Trappen
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Moxie Chat: Lisa Kavanaugh * Tenacious. Curious. Golden.


Today’s #MoxieChat guest is Lisa Kavanaugh.


Instead of a traditional bio/intro… check out this personal note on her website:

Hi, I’m Lisa.

If you’re here that means you are in the investigative stage of designing a life that’s different than the one you’re currently living.

I’ve been there. Former Chief Technology Officer of a large software company living a high-pressure, high-stress life, thinking that was a life well-lived. Until I realized it wasn’t.

I’ve spent 7+ years traveling around the world, creating, curating, and pressure testing tools so that I can design my own vision of what work & play should look like, and live it. As an Executive and Life Design Coach, I get to work with others, like you, who want to do the same.

I look forward to hearing your story and partnering with you to unlock the freedom you desire. Let’s do this!


Without further ado, here’s Lisa.


MoxieChat Highlights


1. How do you define SUCCESS?

      • Being at choice with where I live, how I spend my time, how much I work and with who.
      • Making decisions from my heart/gut not my ego.
      • Having the courage to show up fully and courageously as ME and not editing out of comparison or pleasing.
      • Being able to explore new places, new people, new. languages, new experiences, expanding my perspective and learning more about myself in the process
      • No Crohn’s flares or gut issues (healthy body)
      • Catching myself in a triggered state and recovering quickly
      • Being kind, showing up, not judging myself or others.


2. Share the THREE WORDS that describe you BEST and why!

1: Tenacious – If I’m excited/determined to get a specific outcome I will find all kinds of creative ways to get around an obstacle or figure out how to get there. I love navigating challenging puzzles.

2: Curious – always learning, always growing, love new people/places/experiences.

3: Golden – (asked a friend) When I picture my true essence it’s a golden sparkly light, when I’m at my best I’m shining this light all around. It represents fun, magic, acceptance, love.


3. What are your favorite soultank-filling activities?

Dance party in the kitchen with girlfriends, getting lost in a good book, wilderness adventures with my #hothubby

4. What does MOXIE mean to you?

Mojo, bold feminine badassery!

5. What is ONE WORD guiding you right now?


6. Final Words? Anything you want to highlight?

Check out her upcoming retreats here:

Fave Quote:

“This or something better” – her mom




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